Review- Out of Darkness by Laramie Briscoe

17971638Title: Out of Darkness

Series: Heaven Hill, MC               

Author: Laramie Briscoe

Genre: Romance, Biker

Format: E-Book


Ex-News reporter.
Rape survivor.
Former enemy of the Heaven Hill MC.

Meredith Rager’s life completely changed the night she was attacked by an unknown person. Once a vibrant force that threatened everything about Heaven Hill, she is now under their care. The only place she feels safe is inside their compound. When she decides to take back the part of her life that her rapist took away, she discovers secrets that once again could tear the club apart.

Formidable force of nature.
Loved member of the Heaven Hill MC.

Tyler Blackfoot came into the world a John Doe. An orphan from the moment that he took his first breath, the only thing anyone knew was his Native American heritage. For most of his life, he’s been alone – except for the club that has taken him in as their own. When he rescued Meredith, a protective side of his personality came out that he never knew he had. Protecting her means everything – even when he discovers danger might be closer than either of them thought possible.

Together, the two of them are trying to make a life for themselves. Against everything they have, they’re hoping to see the light that will lead them out of darkness.


review4.5 Stars

I’m pretty sure I fell in love with Tyler Blackfoot in the first book of the Heaven Hill motorcycle club series. Sexy and mysterious yet this charismatic man, will keeps you guessing.  I’m not sure he ever truly answers a question with a true answer. Loyal, intense and deep, Tyler will make you heart flutter!  Ms. Briscoe put the heart of an angel with the vengeance of the devil in this man.  He is truly unique.

Meredith is a stronger woman than I first gave her credit for. I really did not want to like her. She is presented as independent woman who thought she was at the top of the world. A reporter and nosey by nature, she put herself in a place with the wrong people. She took the worst fall a woman could. She not only had to get her life back, she had to find her femininity.


I believe Ms. Briscoe found her true writing voice in Out of Darkness. I am not sure I can even put into words the amazing amount of growth I see for Ms. Briscoe from her first to second books in this series. Everything from the flow of the book to the emotions, were kicked up a notch. The depth of Tyler and Meredith is breath taking. Events of the book will draw all kinds of emotion out of you. She really allows the reader see what this family of Bikers are like on the inside and out. Out of Darkness is one intense ride. Hold on tight!


This title is from my personal library.


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