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Melissa Marr-Jeaniene Frost Signing 9/22/14

One of the highlights of being a reader is getting to meet some of the Authors that rock our world.

On Sept. 22, 2014 Kir and I took ourselves a short road trip to Tyson’s Corner, Va.  Where after trying many times, I finally got to meet the woman who wrote Bones.  The awesome and funny Jeaniene Frost, along with the equally funny Melissa Marr!   Both ladies answered questions from fan and gave some very sound advice on writing.  Melissa and Jeaniene had readers laughing the whole hour they talked with fans.


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Turn the Page Signing 7/19/14

I am sitting here at my computer writing a review for a book that I loved. Feeling very tired after a long and fun day. I stop and just think for a minute. How awesome is it that not only do I get to read some really awesome books, I have met some of the amazing authors that I have more than falling in love with. I have also met some of the most wonderful people through my love of reading. People who live hundreds of miles from me, but have left a lasting impression on me in way I can’t begin to describe or explain. Some of these wonderful ladies are now friends for life.

This started out to be a Facebook status post that I realized need to be a Blog Post. Today I went to the Turn the Page Bookstore and Cafe for their 19th Anniversary Signing! I believe the total count for the day was over 500 people. WOW! Now I live twenty minutes from the store and this was the first signing I attended there. Some of the Authors attending I have had the pleasure of meeting before, so today was really all about Maya and Nora for me! I got to chat with both ladies for a few minutes and got pics.








As I sit here and write this post, I realize that as a reader I am truly lucky.  Not only have I got to met some awesome writers, I now have people who love this as much as I do to share it with.  I am a newer reader to the Romance World, just now going on 5 years. This world is where I loose myself so that I don’t pull all my hair out from day to day life.  As a reader, there are 3 things that make my day. 1) A new book by an awesome Author coming out that day. 2) Meeting those awesome authors that make you get lost in a world that keeps you coming back for more. 3) Meeting and sharing this passion with other.  Today was really all three for me.

I have gotten to met 3 of my 5 top authors. I have made friends for life.  I know as long as I keep reading and sharing this passion, I will always have friends for life.  I feel like a real lucky person today!