Review: Witch Upon a Star by

Witch Upon a Star

Angela M. Sanders

Witch Way Librarian Mysteries Series, Book 4

304 pages, Kindle Edition

Expected publication May 23, 2023

Big things are happening in small-town Wilfred, Oregon! The retreat center is open for its first workshop, the local caf� is done remodeling, and librarian and witch-in-training Josie Way is hosting her sister–and a few suspicions about the new killer on the loose . . .

Josie is eager to show off Wilfred’s delights to her visiting sister, Jean–even though Josie must conceal her magic from her. In any case, Jean is excited to attend Cookie Masterson’s trademark “Ready-Set-Go!” workshop on becoming a life coach. Then there’s the grand reopening of Darla’s Caf�, where the doors are thrown open to reveal . . . a dead man, stabbed in the back. That was definitely not on the revamped menu…

Even more worrisome, the sheriff receives a report of a fresh corpse at the retreat center. Maybe murder isn’t so uncommon in Wilfred anymore, but two unfamiliar bodies within an hour certainly is! Josie’s willing to let law enforcement take the lead–after all, she’s gotten into some trouble from the hints the library’s spellbound books keep feeding her about the patrons. But when her sister receives the killer’s chilling calling card, she’ll use everything within her otherworldly powers to divine just who in town has homicide as his new slogan . . .

3.5 Stars 

Witch Upon a Star is a fun and entertaining read. It was much more than I expected it to be.

Josie is a librarian and a witch in training. I love how much her powers are intertwined with books. To be able to touch a book and know if they can give you the knowledge you need within seconds. That’s a pretty nifty ability to have. The books give her a lot of advise, whether she wants it or not.  In Witch Upon a Star Josie has tasked with showing her sister Jean around her, cozy little town while she’s there for a retreat, so to speak. And then to keep her safe from a killer on the loose all while keeping her witchy secrets, a secret.

A self-help promoter is doing one of their seminars and Josie‘s little town and Jean, her little sister is all about this opportunity. Although it does not look to be the best opportunity, and when murder comes hand-in-hand with what’s going on around this seminar, has Josie on full alert. Josie is trying to keep her sister safe while twist interns thrown at her within this mystery, keep her on her toes. During the course of this novel, Josie is able to build bonds with her sister and help solve a murder. I enjoyed Witch Upon a Star. It is a unique subject collaboration for a cozy mystery. I love the fact that her powers are connected through books, and that makes it even more exciting.

I look forward to going back and seeing how the series started. And to see wants to become for this witchy librarian.

Review: Charm Me by Samantha Chase

Charm Me 

Samantha Chase 

The Donovan’s Series, Book 4 

292 pages, Kindle Edition

Expected publication May 23, 2023

There isn’t anyone in Laurel Bay he hasn’t been able to charm.
But charming a baby is a whole different story.

Life has never been better for Jamie Donovan. Always has been. And now that it’s his turn to take charge of the family pub, he truly feels like everything in his life is just the way it’s supposed to be. Or it was until an early morning knock on his door ended with a baby on his doorstep. The man who can normally charm his way out of any situation doesn’t know the first thing about taking care of a baby and running a business. And so he turns to his siblings for help.

And once they tell him their solution, he wishes he’d never asked for help.

Fallon Murphy has always prided herself on being good with people. In all her life, she’s only met one person she hasn’t been able to get along with. Unfortunately, their parents are best friends and avoiding him just wasn’t a choice. When his sister calls stating an emergency, the last thing Fallon expects is to find an abandoned baby – one that belong to Jamie. As much as she’d love nothing more than to see Jamie fail at something, she would never put an innocent child at risk.

They’re rivals.
Sworn enemies.
And now…roommates.
Can one small baby help turn adversaries into lovers? Or maybe even…a family?

4.5 Stars

If there was an award for the biggest flirt of Laurel Bay, Jamie Donovan would win it hands-down. At this point, he has probably charmed every woman within their nice little town. Never one for a long lasting relationship, but yet he prides himself on being able to end a relationship on good terms. Until the one Jamie thought could just let go and then left him with the biggest surprise of his life.

Fallen Murphy had big dreams. She has a goal of getting higher education and stuck to it. Now, having a high-level education in early childhood development is not working out quite the way that she expected it to. Two jobs in two different towns, and neither one of them worked out. Fallen returns home to Laurel Bay to figure out what her next move is.

Fallon and Jamie have been mortal enemies since they were five years old. Something that continued well through adulthood. Upon Fallin’s return they pick up just where they left off. Until a moment that changed Jamie‘s life also interned changed Fallon as well. With a newborn left on his doorstep Jamie’s life changed in an instant. Knowing he needed the help of his family, he calls in the cavalry yet even with his family’s help, they alone can’t do it. Jamie’s sister calls in the help of family friend and Jamie‘s longtime rival Fallon, knowing she can help care for this precious baby. In an instant, the dynamic between the two of them shifted and realized that there was something more important going on than their bickering. Fallon teaches Jamie how to care for his new son and the dynamic between the two of them changes tremendously. Most of the bickering has stopped and the need to fight each other is quite different. There’s a feeling shift to something else. Is it really something else or was it just something they were hiding from one another.

I absolutely loved Charm Me. Jamie and Fallon are absolutely perfect for each other. They push each others boundaries in the best ways. Once they stopped fighting and learned that they were such a complement to one another they became something tremendously beautiful. Jamie not only charmed his son, but he charmed the girl that he never thought he’d even want to charm.

If e they

Review: Harbored in Silence by Carrie Ann Ryan


Harbored in Silence 

Carrie Ann Ryan 

Aspen Pack Series, Book 4 

290 pages, Paperback
Expected publication: May 22, 2023 by Carrie Ann Ryan
A witch on the run who could save the world–or destroy it with one touch I am who they fear. The Harvester Death Witch. The one who holds the power of their fate in my hands. Or at least…that’s what they whisper. The coven has fallen. The vampires are circling our den. And if we don’t find new allies, our Pack won’t be able to fight much longer. On my Alpha’s orders, I must find others who hide beneath the shadows for not only our protection, but theirs as well. Only I’m not alone on my mission. I brought Cruz back from death once before, and though I know the goddess forbids it, I’d do it again. Because he’s my mate. And my ending.
4 Stars

Dara is a harvester death witch. She holds the power of both life and death within her hands.She has taken on the task of keeping the ward strong for the pack. Cruz is the heir of the pack. Should something happen, Cruz will step in and become Alpha of the Aspen pack. Dara and Cruz have a complicated but yet an intertwined connection. Dara saved him in a way that is technically forbidden by the Moon Goddess. Yet the Goddess put them together as each other’s potential mate. 

Harbored in Silence has the Aspen pact still fighting the vampires. Dara knows her time is Wendling. Along with the help of Wynter and Wren, Dara seeks out, elastic effort to go and talk with a Coven. Only to find the coven has been destroyed. Dara knows the only way to fight vampires is with the help of the coven. The shippers and the riches have to work together to put an end to the evil that they are facing. Dora embarks on a journey to form a new coven with those who were outcasted by the previous leaders. Cruz is tasked to keep Dara safe as she gathers her friends of witches in hopes of them joining her to help take down the evil they are facing. Through this journey, Dara and Cruz both learn many things that make a big impact on who they are. With all the danger and chaos going on around them, they found a way to break down their own barriers and find that they are each other’s mate.

Harbored in Silence I believe is the beginning of a pivotal point within the storyline. We are introduced to an array of new characters, we have discovered who the enemy is and more secrets are still to be revealed.

Review: Wicked as Secrets by Shayla Black

Wicked as Secrets 

Shayla Black 

Wicked Lovers: Soldiers for Hire Series, Book 7

Matt and Madison part 1 

May 16, 2023 by Shelley Bradley, LLC

He’ll do anything to protect her from danger…but it will cost her everything.

Security specialist Matt Montgomery has never forgotten—or forgiven—Madison Archer for walking away and ripping out his heart. Three years later, she crashes back into his life, terrified that her wealthy husband is trying to kill her. Matt vows to protect Madison…but there’s a price. He’ll have revenge by making her submit to his every sexual demand.

Part of a powerful, ruthless political dynasty, Madison’s soon-to-be ex has deep, dark secrets. When uncovering them nearly proves fatal, she turns to the one man she knows can protect her—the lover she’s never been able to forget. Matt’s ultimatum is both shocking and intoxicating. But if she wants to keep herself and her ailing father alive, he’s her only option.

As the danger escalates, so do Madison and Matt’s feelings. But navigating their rocky past while trying to stay one step ahead of her deadly husband proves perilous. Will their forbidden love survive the danger and give them a second chance at happiness?

**Wicked as Secrets is part of the Wicked Lovers: Soldiers for Hire romantic suspense series. Stories in this series are told in a duet of two full-length novels. Each duet can be read as a standalone. Includes strong language, sexy times, alpha male attitude, and a guaranteed happily ever after. Enjoy!**

4 Stars

Matt and Madison had that kind of connection that you know it’s something special. Chemistry was only the beginning. They had a connection on a level that was deeper than either one of them now. And then it just ended. Did he break her heart or did she break his period?

Fast forward a few years, and Madison finds herself in the deepest of deep trouble. On the run, and no one to trust there’s only one person that she knows can even begin to help her. Matt finds medicine outside his window and knows in an instant that she is in trouble, and he must help her.

Full disclosure for this review. This book ends in a cliffhanger.

Secrets and lies, on the run and danger just behind. Wicked as Secrets starts was so packed action and doesn’t let up. Madison and Matt begin to deal with her unresolved issues while still feeling the connection that has never burned out. With serious danger just over their shoulders, they work together with some of our favorite Shayla black characters to find a way to get Madison safe. Just when they think they have some things figured out, everything hits the fan and puts everyone in a position they would rather not be in. Madison knows everything is hanging on a person she can’t trust. Matt is about to lose his mind over something. He should be able to help control.

As a general rule, I am not a fan of cliffhanger books, but yet I love this series. Fortunately, Miss Black is kind to her readers and doesn’t make us wait too too long.

Review: The Ghost Goes to the Dogs by Cleo Coyle

The Ghost Dogs Goes to the

Cleo Coyle 

Haunted Bookshop Mystery Series, Book 9

336 pages, Mass Market Paperback

First published May 2, 2023

A stray dog leads bookseller Penelope McClure and her gumshoe ghost on a chase for a clever killer in this brand-new entry in the “utterly charming” (Mystery Scene) Haunted Bookshop Mysteries from New York Times bestselling author Cleo Coyle.

Pet Mystery Week brings brisk business to Penelope’s Rhode Island bookshop, but a real mystery comes barking at her door when a lost dog turns up in a panic. Pen and her son Spencer follow the furry fugitive to a wooded area where the dog’s owner lies unconscious. Mrs. Cunningham is a warm-hearted widow who volunteers at the animal shelter and runs Buy the Book’s pet lovers book club. Why would anyone shoot such a sweet soul?

The police believe it’s an accident, a shot by a careless deer hunter, but Pen remains skeptical. To straighten out this doggone mess, she whistles for the ghost of PI Jack Shepard, an expert in hounding as well as haunting. Jack has a dog story of his own, a case from the 1940s that may help Pen sniff out clues to her present predicament. Yet even with Jack’s hard-boiled help, Pen may not be able to stop the killer from striking again or letting this whole case go to the dogs…


Penny and Jack are not your average team but they get it done. 


It’s pet mystery week and business has picked up for pennies Rhode Island book shop. However, the real mystery comes in the form of barking when a lost dog turns up at her door. Penny and her son hop on the case and follow the dog to where its owner is laying on the ground and unconscious. The dog’s owner, Mrs. Cunningham is a wonderful volunteer and animal lover. Now they have a mystery on their hands of who would want to hurt the sweet, wonderful woman. Penny calls on the help of her ghostly PI friend Jack Shepard, who has a story of his own involving some dogs from the 1940s. Together in the past, and in the present, they put together the clues to figure out who the culprit in his doggy caper is.


Cleo Coyle has put together another fine masterpiece in the haunted bookshop mystery series. Penny and Jack are something very unique, and the way the story unfolds through the past, and the present is something truly special. Penny is too smart to think that this was just an accident for Mrs. Cunningham. She is determined to find who tried to hurt this wonderful and sweet woman. While hunting down clues and trying to figure out who is behind this mass, Jack shares with Penny, his own doggy caper from back in the 40s that Jess may have left its mark on her present.  This is a fun and entertaining, cozy mystery. When that truly keeps you turning the pages. Whether you’re in the past tense or the present you’re entertained on all fronts.



Review: At First Meet by Carrie Ann Ryan

At First Meet 

Carrie Ann Ryan


First published February 27, 2023

NYT Bestselling Author Carrie Ann Ryan continues the Montgomery Ink Legacy series with an emotional, friends-to-lovers romance where second chances begin with a promise.

I fell in love with the wrong man and learned the hard way to ask for help.

I don’t plan on falling again and have no intention of trying.

But when I get invited to a high-powered CEO retreat, I know I can’t say no.

And I can’t go alone.

When my frenemy, Nick, invites himself as my escort, I should walk away.

But there’s no stopping the connection we’ve both ignored for far too long.

Only Nick’s past is far darker than he lets the world know, and the shell he encased himself in is stronger than my own. And when the pain from my past comes back with a force, I’m afraid that walking away will be the only choice—even if it breaks us both.

4 Stars 

Lake is the definition of a girl boss. She’s an amazing businesswoman who finds ways to be able to help other women succeed in their business. Lake has recently gone through some personal trauma. That way is heavy on her mind. She does her best to focus on work to help her get through. However, when a business event requires her to have a plus one her good friend Nick volunteers. What should be a simple networking business trip turns into something a little more complicated and a lot more adventurous.

Nick has always been close to the Montgomery’s. Whenever he needed a safe space or to get away when he was younger they always welcomed him with open arms. Nick carries some issues from his past but yet he tries his best to move on with his life. When a friend is in trouble, and he’s a helping hand, he’s the one willing to step in. 

At First Meet is another great story in the adventures of the next generation of Montgomerys. Laken, Nick have a complicated relationship. Everyone around them sees there’s more to them than what there is but yet that stubborn side of themselves doesn’t want to admit anything. They love to argue, but underneath it all, they have chemistry that even those around them can see. Considering they’re both pretty against anything happening between them. When they do let the chemistry do what it does. It gives them both some thing they didn’t even know they were looking for.

Review: Dark Alphas Fury by Donna Grant

Dark Alphas Fury 

Donna Grant 

359 pages, Kindle Edition

Expected publication March 7, 2023

From New York Times bestselling author Donna Grant comes another gripping story in her Reaper series featuring a brotherhood of elite assassins who wage war on the Fae at Death’s behest—and the women who dare to love them.

There is no escaping the Reapers—or me. If you succumb to evil, you will be judged. And we will come for you . . .

I’ve known the torment of being trapped, of battling monsters—both outside and within. But I’ve also known the peace and completeness of holding the one I was meant for in my arms. Unfortunately, she’s not intended for me. I am destined for one thing and one thing only: eradicating the evil that plagues our world. Once I deal with my nemesis, maybe I can finally rest. Even if it means my soul being reaped by the strong, beautiful, and utterly captivating woman who makes my heart beat like no other. But I’m not sure even that is possible. Because I am no longer merely a Fae. I am something else altogether.

Contains mature themes

4 Stars

It is always bitter sweet when a book series comes to an end. Donna Grant delivers an excellent and epic, good versus evil, final chapter in the tale of the Reaper’s with Dark Alpha’s Fury. 

Xaneth is on the verge of facing his biggest challenge and refusing to back down until the evil is gone. Xaneth’s powers are intense and he has an instinct on what it is that he needs to do. Yet he has this fear that seems to follow him and everything he does. 

Aisling’s circumstances, for becoming a Reaper, are some of the most tragic of betrayals. She keeps her heart closed and trust is very hard for her.  Aisling is focusing all of her energy on this group of Fae and get rid of this evil plaguing their world.  Yet her mind keeps finding Xaneth. It also seems that her heart would like to have him in it as well.

Dark Alpha’s Fury is an action packed, epic and emotional conclusion for Reapers. Questions are answered, battles are fault, emotions are all over the place and two people that should have been together finally get to be together.  Donna Grant has a unique way of tying her reader into the story and making them not want to leave. It’s more than just reading, it’s an adventure.

Review: Rum and Choke by Sherry Harris

Rum and Choke 

Sherry Harris 

Chloe Jackson, Sea Glass Saloon Mystery Series, Book 4 

Mass Market Paperback
Expected publication: December 27th 2022
The Florida Panhandle Barback Games are coming up and Chloe’s been drafted to represent the Sea Glass Saloon—competing in various obstacle-course events that conclude with rolling an empty keg up a hill. The rivalries are so fierce that some of the participating bars even stoop to bringing in ringers.

Meanwhile, Chloe’s friend Ann—a descendant of the famed pirate Jean Lafitte—asks her to come along for a boat ride as Ann dives into the Gulf of Mexico. She’s found some old papers that may identify the location of sunken treasure. Instead, she finds a sunken body—of one of the ringers hired for the Barback Games. Now that murder is in the mix, Chloe has to figure out whether one of the competitors went overboard . . .

4 Stars

Let the games begin. 

In the newest installment of the Chloe Jackson, Sea Glass Saloon Mystery Series RUM AND CHOKE, our lead lady finds herself in the middle of some bartender games that she has been recruited for and is on the hunt with her friend for some 

buried treasure.

Chloe Jackson bartender extraordinaire is about to take part in some pretty intense games. Bartender games that is. The competition is tough, and in some cases even deadly. When Chloe and her friend Ann stumble upon a dead body while looking for some of her families buried treasure. 

Sherry Harris always brings an interesting story when Chloe Jackson is involved. I absolutely loved Rum and Choke. You get a beautiful setting, a fun and engaging story, and a mystery that keeps you thinking. Chloe Jackson is a fun protagonist. She brings humor and excitement to the stories and I can’t wait to see what her next adventure is going to be.

Review: A Hard Day for a Hangover by Darynda Jones

A Hard Day for a Hangover 

Darynda Jones 

 Sunshine Vicram Series, Book 3

Hardcover, 352 pages
Expected publication: December 6th 2022 by St. Martin’s Press
Some people greet the day with open arms. Sheriff Sunshine Vicram would rather give it a hearty shove and get back into bed, because there’s just too much going on right now. There’s a series of women going missing, and Sunny feels powerless to stop it. There’s her persistent and awesomely-rebellious daughter Auri, who’s out to singlehandedly become Del Sol’s youngest and fiercest investigator. And then there’s drama with Levi Ravinder—the guy she’s loved and lusted after for years. The guy who might just be her one and only. The guy who comes from a family of disingenuous vipers looking to oust him—and Sunshine—for good.

Like we said, the new day can take a hike.

A Hard Day for a Hang brilliantly ties up all lingering questions while giving us mystery, romance and humor. 

Waking up with a hangover is only the beginning to what Sunshine‘s day entails.  Finding a young woman who’s been assaulted and barely conscious, a daughter, who is just as smart and intuitive as she is starts, digging into the case from a different angle. Not to mention the ongoings with the Ravinders, and her feelings for one in particular.  The town of Del Sol is an interesting place, and Sunshine is the one that keeps it running.

Darynda Jones perfectly concludes this series in the best ways possible. With humor, emotions, and just a bit of weirdness to tie it all together. Del Sol is a unique town as are the people that live within it.  Without giving too much away let me just say that we are given a story that also wraps up a series in a way that is perfectly fitting for the story. A Hard Day for a Hangover has mystery, action in a story that connects a family together. Darynda has the way that makes us fall in love with her characters and that doesn’t fall short here with Sunshine and her crew.

Review: You Can Hide by Rebecca Zanetti

You Can Hide 

Rebecca Zanetti 

Laurel Snow Series, Book 2 

Mass Market Paperback, 400 pages
Expected publication: November 29th 2022 by Zebra
Set against the atmospheric backdrop of rural Pacific Northwest, New York Times bestselling author Rebecca Zanetti’s thrilling suspense series follows FBI Special Agent Laurel Snow as she strives to navigate her complicated family life when her newly discovered sociopathic half-sister becomes the target of a dangerous killer. The Blacklist meets The Profiler meets Justified in this fast, page-turning thriller that will have readers guessing until the very end!

What do you do when a sociopath loves you? Rising star FBI profiler Laurel Snow is about to find out …

Calling Laurel Snow’s relationship with her newly discovered half-sister challenging is an understatement. Not only does Laurel suspect Abigail is behind the mysterious disappearance of their father, but her erratic behavior also makes life in Laurel’s small hometown interesting, to say the least. Still, when Abigail claims someone is now out to kill her, Laurel’s instinct to protect her sister goes into overdrive. Then things get even more dicey as dead bodies start turning up in the icy waters of the Sauk River and there’s only one connection among them: Abigail . . .

Having Fish and Wildlife Captain Huck Rivers bringing in those bodies with his dive team only complicates matters. Huck is as impulsive and fiery as Laurel is coolly analytical, which makes their alliance risky at best. But standing up to such a demonically brilliant killer is going to take all the help Laurel can get. Because Laurel’s attempt to save her troubled sister’s life might cost her own . . .

4.5 Stars

Edge of your seat suspense, a thrilling mystery with a touch of romance….   You Can Hide is a wild read. 

Laurel Snow is not your average female lead character and I think that’s one of the things I like most about her. She is beyond smart and holds more degrees than several people combined. She doesn’t see the world as the average person does. She doesn’t experience emotion in the same way that you were I would. It’s almost as if she can separate herself from them. It’s not that she doesn’t feel them. They’re just not the same to her as they are to us.  With that being said, she is one of the best profilers the FBI could ever have on their side.

You Can Hide is truly a suspenseful read. It’s thrilling with a touch of romance and a lot of things that are making you think.  There’s a psychological aspect to this one that really draws the reader into the story and makes them really pay attention. Or was that just me? Rebecca Zanetti takes readers on a journey of mind boggling events that I thought I had figured out only to find out I was wrong. I liked the progression of Laurel and Huck’s relationship. With both their personalities, I felt that this was gonna be one that moved a little slow, but yet be intense at the same time. I enjoyed seeing them make the next step.

If you were looking for a read, that will have you on the edge of your seat and make you think look no further. You Can Hide will do all that for you and a bit more. I highly recommend going back and reading the first book in the series, You Can Run. I promise you you will not be disappointed.