Review-Losing Control by Laramie Briscoe

18403760Losing Control

Laramie Briscoe

Heaven Hill MC Series, Book 3

Strip-club waitress.
Aspiring Teacher.
Friend of the Heaven Hill MC.

Bianca Hawks met Jagger Stone in the most embarrassing of ways. After watching him play music at Wet Wanda’s for months, she fell half naked into his arms after a drunken bout with a stripper pole and the back of a pick-up truck. Avoiding him and his killer smile no longer works when she needs her car repaired and he comes to her rescue. His request for payment comes in the form of date nights spent with just the two of them – away from both the strip club and the MC.

Tough guy with model good looks.
Talented musician.
Newly patched member of the Heaven Hill MC.

Jagger Stone only wanted two things – to be a patched member of the Heaven Hill MC and to get to know Bianca Hawks. One for two isn’t bad, but when her car breaks down and she’s left with no one else to help her, he plays the situation to his advantage. Over late nights driving up and down the interstate and nights in spent at her apartment, Jagger realizes that there is so much more to Bianca than he ever knew.

When her dream of becoming a school teacher is threatened by someone who wants her all to himself, the two of them are thrown into a dangerous game of cat and mouse. For the first time, Heaven Hill isn’t sure what they are up against or if they can keep their family safe. In times of danger, Bianca and Jagger know the only thing they can do is hold onto each other while trying not to admit they are losing control.


review4 Stars


Almost too sweet and the Rockstar of the MC,  newly patched Jagger will warm your heart with his voice. That sexy body does not hurt one bit. I have enjoyed read about Jagger and found him be a much deeper man that I would have ever thought. With an upbringing that was not of an everyday child, the love from the family within the Heaven Hill MC was all he knew.  Until he caught that breath taking waitress, Jagger didn’t know what hit him.


Bianca has a dream. One she has been working and fighting for for years. Shes strong, highly independent, more than able to take care of herself and will stop at nothing to make her dream come true.  As she is in the final steps of her education,Bianca stumbles upon two major bumps that could change all she has worked for. The good,feelings for Jagger make her want to feel more! The bad, a touchy feely guy at the bar who holds power to put her dream to end.


Bianca and Jagger have my favorite meeting of all the Heaven Hill, MC paring thus far. A funny moment with a stripper pole in a previous book.  Ms. Briscoe has again caught me in the web that is the Heaven Hill MC!  Book three, Losing Control show serious growth in both the series and the writer.


Ms. Briscoe beautifully transitions the darkness and healing of Meredith and Tyler’s story, into the playfulness of Jagger and Bianca’s. A fresh and sassy feeling that gives this couple a story that is both sexy and sweet! Funny, romantic and flirtatious, as Jagger and Bianca keep each other on their toes, they gain weight in your heart!


Losing Control continues to show the growth that Ms. Briscoe has made as an author.  Her talent for  character writing is shining through. Each one has their good and bad.   Where they share similarities in personality each one is very equine.  Giving each one that little something that makes me love them.
I was gifted an ecopy of this book from the author for an honest review!


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