ARC Review: For His Eyes Only by Lexi Blake




For His Eyes Only

Lexi Blake

Masters and Mercenaries series, Book 13

Published February 28th 2017 by DLZ Entertainment LLC

A night he can’t forget

Five years ago, Nick Markovic found himself consumed by his quest for vengeance. The one time he managed to find peace was in the arms of Hayley Dalton. Being with her was like bathing in sunlight, and he ached to feel that again, but he couldn’t. He gave his oath to Hayley’s cousin Desiree, his partner at McKay-Taggart and Knight, that he’d never let his darkness infect Hayley’s innocent world.

A spark she can’t put out

It was years before that Hayley offered everything she had to Nick. After that one amazing night, all she wanted was to be his forever. Unfortunately, Nick’s reaction was to walk away from her and never look back. The warm and caring man she’d discovered was gone, and after Des’s death, he’d only grown colder. But when Hayley finds herself in mortal danger, she’s forced to seek protection from the man who broke her heart.

A flame that threatens to consume them both

Haunted by the women he failed, Nick can’t allow himself to grow close to Hayley again. Running to stay ahead of the powerful forces that endanger their lives, they travel from the lush Garden in London to the glittering lights of Rio. As the threat against her becomes clearer, he realizes that to keep her safe he must confront the demons from his past, even if it costs him a future with the woman he loves.








4.5 Stars

Nick is dangerous, brooding, commanding and hotter than sin. A demanding Russian with a dirty mouth. His past is paved with web of lies and deception. He carries heavy weights upon his heart and soul. Causing long running battles with his heart and mine. Nick tries to fight the feeling continuing to brew within, all the while feeling unworthy of such wonderful things. 
Hayley is so much more than she appears. She may seem a naive but that girl has an underlying strength that you don’t see coming. She’s learned to adapt to her surroundings and being able to bend where most people wouldn’t see it. Through the course of this book Hayley’s character transforms from someone seeming timid to becoming one hell of a confident woman. I love those type characters.
Lexi Blake knows how to keep a reader up at night. Dangerous and sexy, romantic suspense at its finest. Hayley and Nikolai have a crazy, hot mess of a story. Their history is laced with feelings deeper than either one is willing to admit. They are the one that haunts each other. When circumstances beyond their control push them together the past returns and wants for the future are had. Heavy on suspense and a few what the crap moments kept this reader turning the pages from beginning to end. Suspense takes the forefront however there is no lacking of hot passion within the pages. One scene in particular to make one time readers of the series quite happy and is hands-down hot. For His Eyes Only is an intense read, yet I expect nothing less from Lexi Blake.  

A copy of this title was provided for review.





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