ARC Review: Going Deep by Jayne Rylon


deepGoing Deep

Jayne Rylon

Divemasters Series, Book 2

Kindle Edition, 264 pages
Published June 14th 2016 by Happy Endings Publishing

Three SCUBA instructors, who happen to be sexual dominants, are about to take the ultimate plunge. If you’re extraordinarily lucky, you’ll be invited to join them on The Divemaster, where work and pleasure go hand in hand. Welcome aboard!

When her mentor is killed in a lab fire, all his notes destroyed with him, marine biologist Sabine Reynolds is determined to finish his work—a cure for an aggressive form of cancer. She needs a specific coral to continue. To find it, she boards The Divemaster to search the waters around Hawaii.

Crewmember Miguel Torres helps facilitate the collection…and brings out a sensual side of Sabine she hadn’t known existed. In the warm tropical waters, she discovers fascinating things about herself and the taboo fantasies she’d never experienced before meeting the sexy guide, who isn’t afraid to take charge during their daytime, and nighttime, adventures.

The Divemaster crew come face-to-face with danger in the form of rival researchers, who’ll stop at nothing to ensure their success at Sabine’s expense. Sabotage, theft, kidnapping, murder, whatever it takes to produce—and profit from—the cure first.

Can Miguel keep Sabine safe and by his side? Or will her enemies put a stop to her research…permanently?






4 Stars


Miguel is a carefree, live in the moment, laid back and sexy as all get out Divemaster. He make an impression in Going Down and has reader falling for him in Going Deep. A total Alpha. He had the type of dominance that I love in my heroes. He is strong, will take charge, takes cares what he needs to and has a sweet, caring and gentle side that makes him sexy as so.

Sabine is a free spirited scientist. She fun, sweet, and has just enough sass to keep people on their toes. She’s also a very determined woman. I love that she had this almost hippie way about her. On the move, an open mind and willing to do what it take. Sabine is one hell is of a woman.

Going Hard takes readers on an exotic adventure of the most erotic proportions. Sabine and Miguel are that rare couple that are brought together by circumstance, a need for help and just a bit of fate. An instant connection and off the charts chemistry heat the passion hard and fast.  In the heat of passion they develop a bond, a friendship beyond anything either of them was looking for. I loved their easy way with each other. They are the yin to each other’s yang.

Jayne Rylon has once again given her readers a breathtaking book in more ways than one. Her passion for scuba diving shines through the pages as were taken on an underwater adventure. The setting is almost a character in the story.  The passion is incredible. The characters extremely well written and the story is more than engaging.  Ms. Rylon will keep you on your toes, then slam you with passion. My favorite type of read.

ARC provided for an honest review.



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