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Review: Legend of the Jade Dragon by Yasmine Galenorn



Legend of the Jade Dragon

Yasmine Galenorn

A Chintz ‘n China Mystery, Book 2



Tarot cards seldom lie. So when they predict chaos and bad luck for her last client of the day, Emerald gets more than a little worried. He leaves behind a charming jade statue of a dragon–but promptly dies in a hit-and-run accident outside of her shop. When other terrible things begin to plague Em and her family, the only explanation is the jade dragon. To thwart its evil spell, she’ll have to follow a trail of heartache all the way back to China’s Ming Dynasty–and its ancient–and sometimes harsh–mysteries






4 Stars


Emerald is a single mom with a talent for reading tarot cards. She’s a practical woman with some playfulness thrown in. She a different type of heroine that I really enjoyed.

After an uneasy reading Emerald finds herself the owner of a mysterious dragon trinket and the bearer of bad luck. Adventure and mystery with a touch of paranormal send Emerald and crew on a fact finding mission to break ancient curse.

Legend of the Jade Dragon is a fun and twisting small town paranormal mystery. Rich details allow the reader to fully picture story with in their minds. The characters are well-developed. Each containing depth, charisma and individualistic traits that make each character’s personality unique and very likable. The plot keeps the book moving along with keeping a reader guess. Legend of the Jade Dragon is a very enjoyable cozy mystery with a touch of romance.