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ARC Review: Alluring Ink by Ranae Rose

AlurringAlluring Ink
Ranae Rose
Inked In The Steel City series, book 7

Published February 13th 2015


Love is risk. Love is heartbreak. Love is an addiction a single mom like Crystal can’t afford. And accomplished tattoo artist Dylan is a temptation she can’t resist. He’s only in town for a few weeks as a guest artist, but the attraction is instant. With her past shadowing everything she does, it feels good to have someone who doesn’t judge … and doesn’t know.

Love is just the spark before the crash and burn, especially when your demons are something more than standard-issue. Dylan craves Crystal with everything he has, but their days together are supposed to be numbered.





3.5 Stars


Sweet romance with insatiable passion.

Nothing is better than finding that person that you can connect with, when you are least expect it.

Ranae Rose has this wonderful way of writing characters that are just made for each other. Dylan and Crystal are another perfect example.

I loved their natural meeting. The instant connection and chemistry, the fun and playful personalities, the fight in both Crystal and Dylan give Alluring Ink a real life feel. While the list and passion that scorches the pages get the fantasy wheels rolling.

The issues of recovering addiction and mental health add a bit of darkness and depth to Alluring Ink that the other books in the Inked in the Steel City series don’t have.  With that said, Alluring Ink is one of my favorites in the series.

A review copy was provided by the author for an honest review.



Serious Ink By: Ranae Rose


Title: Serious Ink

Author: Ranae Rose

Series: Inked in the Steal City #5

Hard times mean hard choices, but falling for Noah Wilder is easy. Beneath his suit and tie, he’s seriously inked and seriously irresistible. When he walks into the Hot Ink Tattoo Studio, the attraction between him and studio receptionist Zoe is mutual – and fierce. And after the opportunity to ditch her demeaning second job to work for him instead arises, suddenly he’s her boss … and much more. With lines blurred in every way imaginable, can she balance passion and professionalism with doing what’s best for her struggling family?

Attraction is a powerful thing. So is former fighter Noah’s drive to make his growing mixed martial arts promotion company succeed, and if business happens to coincide with pleasure, so much the better. Tattooed beauty Zoe Ramsey is all his when she’s not working at Hot Ink – for twenty hours a week, anyway. When circumstances bring them close faster than they ever imagined, can he make her see that he’s just as serious about her as he is about the business he’s poured his heart and soul into?

review4 Stars

My first impression of Noah was beyond who I thought that he would be. Walking into the tattoo shop with confidence, looking hot and was as wonderful as could be.  Yes, he is a man that knows what he wants and will not hesitate to go for what he wants. He also has a kind and caring heart. He looks out for those he cares for. Having the background of a mixed martial artist he’s built, fit and sexy as hell. You would think that would make him a bad ass but he’s almost the perfect gentleman.

I have gotten to know and love Zoe through previous installments of the Inked in the Steal City series. Zoe is just wonderful character. She has a good heart, fun to be around, independent, beautiful, and very loyal and family oriented. She will go out of her way to do anything to help her family. Even to the point of self-sacrifice. Zoe is also unique, in that she has celiac disease.  I loved that Ms. Rose gave us a gluten free character.  Some by choice and others for health, people have to deal with in everyday life.  That is a nice touch added for reader to be to relate to in their reading.

Zoe and Noah were meant to be in my book.  I don’t want to say it was love at first sight but something was there.  From their first meeting at the tattoo shop, to the way he accommodate her by not eating food she couldn’t have in front of her.   The two complemented each other. Noah has his moments of being a man where they like to take control and try to make everything right.  Zoe is an independent woman and needed someone to stand by your side. From the steamy scenes in the bedroom to tender moments of being coming a couple Ms. Rose gave us a tantalizing read. Noah and Zoe make you want them to fall in love!


I received a complimentary eCopy of this book from the author in return for an honest review.