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Review-Dirty Little Secret by Laramie Briscoe

18750510Dirty Little Secret

Laramie Briscoe

Heaven Hill MC series book 5

Published June 2014 (first published January 1st 2014)

Lone survivor
Scared, but tough

Christine Stone has lived through a lot since the day she was born. Her older brother left her without a backwards glance, leaving her with parents who wanted to use her to better themselves in their cult-like religious sect.

Days after legally becoming an adult, she’s given to an older man for an arranged marriage that will change her life forever. Escape is the only way her life can be saved. When she succeeds and sets out to make a new life for herself, she meets Travis Steele—communications and security officer for the Heaven Hill MC.

Protector of secrets
Level-headed and steady

Travis Steele has been on the periphery of the Heaven Hill MC for a long time. Quiet, he takes his job seriously. He is the protector of the group, in charge with keeping family and friends safe.

When one meeting with the sister of his friend turns into more, he struggles with where to draw the line. She needs a friend, and Travis prides himself in being what other people need, often sacrificing himself for others. As he discovers the life that Christine has been forced to live, it opens up old wounds, new wounds, and secrets that everyone thought long buried.

Turning a chance meeting into love is hard, especially when everyone has a dirty little secret.


review5 Stars

Christine is a battered woman, but far from broken.  A survivor.  Strong but scared of her own shadow.  Trying to keep the past behind her, she did not keep her head down at the time and caught the eye of the one man whom can both help and hurt her.  Trust and truth are the two hardest thing for Christine.  The are no words for Christine strength. Even with trying to make a new life for herself, she puts the well being of those she loves above herself.

Steele smart and quite. If there is such a thing as a geeky bad ass bike, that would be Steele. Trusted with the clubs safety, the man is tech genus in his own right. Don’t let the glasses fool you, he can and will kick your ass. Under the leather and tats is man that goes above and beyond to show a woman that has been hanging by a thread that there are good men in the world. Helping Christine puts his ass in the line with the club. When the danger she is running from puts heat on the club, Steeles has more than one Dirty Little Secret surface.

This is one powerhouse of a book.  How Ms. Briscoe is able to write a bad ass who is so caring, sweet and self giving is beyond me.  Travis Steele takes the cake on that one.  With each book of the Heaven Hill MC series, not only do we get this awesome story of the put together family and the f-ed up stuff that happens to them that makes us love them.  We see a writer that has really found her place in this world of books, that I love.  Ms. Briscoe has pure talent for character writing.  Making each of her lead men very distinctive and very memorial.  Creating a family with a vast range of personalities , qualities and flaws that make me want to keep reading.

Dirty Little Secret is to date Ms. Briscoes best book in my opinion.  Dark secrets line a complex story that test brotherhood and loyalty.  A book that will make your heart heavy to read and a lasting smile upon completion.  Ms.Briscoe holds nothing back with Dirty Little Secret.



Review-Tales From Otherworld: Collection One by Yasmine Galenorn

Cover-CollectionsmallTales From Otherworld: Collection One

Yasmine Galenorn

Nightqueen Enterprises LLC; 1st edition (August 29, 2014)


A collection of short tales from New York Times, USA Today, and PW Bestselling Author Yasmine Galenorn’s Otherworld Series–find out what goes on between the Otherworld books. What really happened when Camille cast the invisibility spell? How did their parents Maria and Sephreh meet? Who is the mysterious ghost that is haunting the D’Artigo house? And what was the “turkey incident” that precipitated the opening scene in Priestess Dreaming? Find out in this first collection of short tales written in the Otherworld altaverse. These are the stories that can’t fit into the actual novels.


review5 Stars

A true treat for fans of the Otherworld Series. We get to see the sisters share memory making moments that are outside of battle. Having read every book in The Otherworld Series, these shorts add laughter and insight in their chaotic world.  Seeing the true sense of family and love the D’Artigo sisters have. I like to call these shorts moments rather than stories.  That is what they were for me.

Highlights for me were the turkey scene, flipping hysterical!  The moment in Maggie’s room. Last but not least, Dreaming Death!

Thank you Ms. Galenorn for this special treat. As the Otherworld Series is an auto buy for me, these collections will be as well. I hope there will be many more to come!

This ebook is from my personal library.