Review: Harbored in Silence by Carrie Ann Ryan


Harbored in Silence 

Carrie Ann Ryan 

Aspen Pack Series, Book 4 

290 pages, Paperback
Expected publication: May 22, 2023 by Carrie Ann Ryan
A witch on the run who could save the world–or destroy it with one touch I am who they fear. The Harvester Death Witch. The one who holds the power of their fate in my hands. Or at least…that’s what they whisper. The coven has fallen. The vampires are circling our den. And if we don’t find new allies, our Pack won’t be able to fight much longer. On my Alpha’s orders, I must find others who hide beneath the shadows for not only our protection, but theirs as well. Only I’m not alone on my mission. I brought Cruz back from death once before, and though I know the goddess forbids it, I’d do it again. Because he’s my mate. And my ending.
4 Stars

Dara is a harvester death witch. She holds the power of both life and death within her hands.She has taken on the task of keeping the ward strong for the pack. Cruz is the heir of the pack. Should something happen, Cruz will step in and become Alpha of the Aspen pack. Dara and Cruz have a complicated but yet an intertwined connection. Dara saved him in a way that is technically forbidden by the Moon Goddess. Yet the Goddess put them together as each other’s potential mate. 

Harbored in Silence has the Aspen pact still fighting the vampires. Dara knows her time is Wendling. Along with the help of Wynter and Wren, Dara seeks out, elastic effort to go and talk with a Coven. Only to find the coven has been destroyed. Dara knows the only way to fight vampires is with the help of the coven. The shippers and the riches have to work together to put an end to the evil that they are facing. Dora embarks on a journey to form a new coven with those who were outcasted by the previous leaders. Cruz is tasked to keep Dara safe as she gathers her friends of witches in hopes of them joining her to help take down the evil they are facing. Through this journey, Dara and Cruz both learn many things that make a big impact on who they are. With all the danger and chaos going on around them, they found a way to break down their own barriers and find that they are each other’s mate.

Harbored in Silence I believe is the beginning of a pivotal point within the storyline. We are introduced to an array of new characters, we have discovered who the enemy is and more secrets are still to be revealed.

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