Review: Charm Me by Samantha Chase

Charm Me 

Samantha Chase 

The Donovan’s Series, Book 4 

292 pages, Kindle Edition

Expected publication May 23, 2023

There isn’t anyone in Laurel Bay he hasn’t been able to charm.
But charming a baby is a whole different story.

Life has never been better for Jamie Donovan. Always has been. And now that it’s his turn to take charge of the family pub, he truly feels like everything in his life is just the way it’s supposed to be. Or it was until an early morning knock on his door ended with a baby on his doorstep. The man who can normally charm his way out of any situation doesn’t know the first thing about taking care of a baby and running a business. And so he turns to his siblings for help.

And once they tell him their solution, he wishes he’d never asked for help.

Fallon Murphy has always prided herself on being good with people. In all her life, she’s only met one person she hasn’t been able to get along with. Unfortunately, their parents are best friends and avoiding him just wasn’t a choice. When his sister calls stating an emergency, the last thing Fallon expects is to find an abandoned baby – one that belong to Jamie. As much as she’d love nothing more than to see Jamie fail at something, she would never put an innocent child at risk.

They’re rivals.
Sworn enemies.
And now…roommates.
Can one small baby help turn adversaries into lovers? Or maybe even…a family?

4.5 Stars

If there was an award for the biggest flirt of Laurel Bay, Jamie Donovan would win it hands-down. At this point, he has probably charmed every woman within their nice little town. Never one for a long lasting relationship, but yet he prides himself on being able to end a relationship on good terms. Until the one Jamie thought could just let go and then left him with the biggest surprise of his life.

Fallen Murphy had big dreams. She has a goal of getting higher education and stuck to it. Now, having a high-level education in early childhood development is not working out quite the way that she expected it to. Two jobs in two different towns, and neither one of them worked out. Fallen returns home to Laurel Bay to figure out what her next move is.

Fallon and Jamie have been mortal enemies since they were five years old. Something that continued well through adulthood. Upon Fallin’s return they pick up just where they left off. Until a moment that changed Jamie‘s life also interned changed Fallon as well. With a newborn left on his doorstep Jamie’s life changed in an instant. Knowing he needed the help of his family, he calls in the cavalry yet even with his family’s help, they alone can’t do it. Jamie’s sister calls in the help of family friend and Jamie‘s longtime rival Fallon, knowing she can help care for this precious baby. In an instant, the dynamic between the two of them shifted and realized that there was something more important going on than their bickering. Fallon teaches Jamie how to care for his new son and the dynamic between the two of them changes tremendously. Most of the bickering has stopped and the need to fight each other is quite different. There’s a feeling shift to something else. Is it really something else or was it just something they were hiding from one another.

I absolutely loved Charm Me. Jamie and Fallon are absolutely perfect for each other. They push each others boundaries in the best ways. Once they stopped fighting and learned that they were such a complement to one another they became something tremendously beautiful. Jamie not only charmed his son, but he charmed the girl that he never thought he’d even want to charm.

If e they

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