Review: A Dark and Stormy Tea by Laura Child

A Dark and Stormy Tea 

Laura Child

A Tea Shop Mystery Series, Book 24 

Hardcover, 320 pages
Expected publication: August 9th 2022 by Berkley Books
A possible serial killer on the loose sends tea maven Theodosia Browning into a whirlwind of investigation in this latest installment of the New York Times bestselling series.

It was a dark and stormy night, but that was the least of Theodosia Browning’s troubles. As she approaches St. Philips Graveyard, Theodosia sees two figures locked in a strange embrace. Wiping rain from her eyes, Theodosia realizes she has just witnessed a brutal murder and sees a dark-hooded figure slip away into the fog.

In the throes of alerting police, Theodosia recognizes the victim–it is the daughter of her friend, Lois, who owns the Antiquarian Bookshop next door to her own Indigo Tea Shop.

Even though this appears to be the work of a serial killer who is stalking the back alleys of Charleston, Lois begs Theodosia for help. Against the advice of her boyfriend, Detective Pete Riley, and the sage words of Drayton, her tea sommelier, amateur-sleuth Theodosia launches her own shadow investigation. And quickly discovers that suspects abound with the dead girl’s boyfriend, nefarious real estate developer, private-security man, bumbling reporter, and her own neighbor who is writing a true-crime book and searching for a big ending.



4 Stars

A Dark and Stormy Tea will have you hooked from the get go. 

A Dark and Stormy Tea is the 24th book in the A Tea Shop Mystery Series and will have you on your seat from the very first chapter. The weather is dreadful in Charleston, setting the tone for a very well plotted and written mystery. There was such a creepy sense to the story. Playing on the wonderful ghost stories of Charleston I definitely set the tone for the novel. This story could have easily been a Halloween release and it would’ve fit right in with the season. 

Theodosia witnesses a murder without even realizing it and discovers A body while trying to take a shortcut to get out of the rain. Believing she knows the witness makes this one even harder. Theodosia does her best to try to keep out of things but yet when the mother of the deceased asked her to poke around with her reporter person friend to get some information that they may not know leads her to do what she does best. Well second best that is. She gets to the bottom of this mystery.

A Dark and Stormy Tea has everything you need for a well-rounded cozy mystery.  The characters are charming and intriguing whether you are just meeting them or you have known them for quite a while. The atmosphere is amazing. You feel like you’re walking down the streets of Charleston as you’re reading the book. Theodosia makes me shake my head many times but she does what she does and she entertains me while she’s doing it. Although I may not make all the choices that she does, even when she warns not to do things she does get to the bottom of the mystery. You have to give her that. Oh my goodness, for the love of tea and scones, A Dark and Stormy Tea Will give you an afternoon or two, depending on how fast you read, of wonderful entertainment filled with delectable treats that you just want to eat right out of the pages. 


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