Review: Unforgiven by Rebecca Zanetti


Rebecca Zanetti 

Deep Ops Series, Book 5

Kindle Edition, 344 pages
Expected publication: June 7th 2022 by Lyrical Press
Gemma Falls never expected to use her game theory expertise to outrun a killer. But for years, that skill is all that kept her one step ahead of a deadly stalker. When Gemma gets the chance to teach at D.C. University, she hopes she and her young daughter have found a safe harbor. The only flaw is the arrogant philosophy professor who’s always underfoot giving unwanted advice—in his sexy British accent . . .

Jethro Hanson has blood on his hands. He’s working within ivy-covered university halls now, but he knows that his work with the Deep Ops team and the deadly acts he once committed for the sake of Queen and country place him beyond forgiveness—until he meets Gemma . . .

Soon, the passion between them stuns them both. But when Jethro discovers a threat is fast overtaking her, he must choose between the redemption he seeks—and releasing the ever-present killer inside . . .

4 Stars

Rebecca Zanetti keeps readers hooked with nail biting, thrilling, psychological suspense and a fantastic romance woven in…..  Unforgiven is truly an edge of your seat read. 

Gemma is a single mother on the run with everything to lose. Changing locations and jobs every few months to keep her and her child safe. The woman is always looking over her shoulder. Not wanting The violence of her past to catch up with her, she presents herself as a cold, uncaring woman. When that’s the last thing in the world she truly is. 

Jethro is a college professor with a secret past that he is trying to walk away from.  The man is an amazing operative but this Brit is ready for those missions to remain in the past. Yeah when we want things to stay in the past they seem to do so. And now a new hire at the college has somehow made her way into his life and into the path of his past danger.

I’m not even sure where to begin on this one. Hats off to Rebecca Zanetti because this was one of those books that hit you hard. I mean that in the best of ways. Gemma and Jethro are perfect for each other. Her protective demeanor truly makes you not be able to judge a book by its cover. Jethro is all alpha, extremely protective and unconditionally devoted. Their romance is a slow burn but it was one that I was rooting for the entire time.  Unforgiven is extremely suspenseful. Lots of twist interns you don’t see coming and totally hits on that psychological level. There are many times I had goosebumps but yet I could not stop reading because I had to know what happened. I also have to mention that Gemma‘s daughter was extremely cute and the story wouldn’t have been the same without her. Rebecca Zanetti truly knows how to keep us hanging on for everything with her tortured heroes and the women that come to love them.  

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