Review: The Proof is in the Poison by Diane Kelly

The Proof is in the Poison 

Diane Kelly 

Southern Homebrew Mysteries Series, Book 2 

Mass Market Paperback, 288 pages
Expected publication: June 7th 2022 by Berkley Books
Moonshine shop owner Hattie Hayes is ready to lend a hand when a mystery starts brewing at a train convention in Chattanooga, TN, in this charming cozy mystery series.

Now that her moonshine shop is up and running, Hattie Hayes can focus her efforts on expanding her fledgling business to events in the area, like the Chattanooga Choo Choo Model Train Convention, which is running full steam ahead at the convention center down the block. Hattie is all aboard, seizing this perfect opportunity to promote her Southern homebrew to the folks who have come to the city for the annual event.

But when an attendee dies after drinking some of Hattie’s moonshine, she’ll need to prove her innocence. Between tight-lipped train hobbyists and competitors for a coveted convention prize, Hattie has a wide array of suspects to choose from, and she’ll need to use all the tricks up her sleeve to make sure her moonshine business can survive a murderer and stay on track.

4 Stars

The Proof is in the Poison is a fantastic and exciting addition to the Southern Homebrew Mystery Series. 

Hattie Hayes is taking advantage of the Chattanooga Choo Choo Model Train convention being at the convention center down the block. Handing out flyers, hosting a mixer and mingling with the convention goers is a great way to drum up some business for The Moonshine Shake.  Haddie and her lovable and Teacher of all things moonshine, Granddaddy on his scooter take the convention by storm. They were even able to manage to drum up some business and turn some people onto some shine.  When a convention goer ends up dead, fingers are pointed towards Hattie and her BlackBerry moonshine. To save her name and her business, Hattie decides to do a little sleuthing of her own ”while” helping out Detective Ace find out who killed this train hobbyist.

I very much enjoyed The Proof is in the Poison. Diane Kelly is an amazing writer and it definitely shows in everything she does. I truly could care less about model trains but yet she found a way to have me interested in the topic. Am I going to go and get a model train now, no I will not but it was a different twist and fun twist for a cozy. Hattie is an amazing character. She is proud of what she does. Even though she knows that she should stay out of it she pushes her way in and finds the answers that help solve the mystery.  I really enjoyed the amount of time that Hattie and Marlon spent together in the story whether it be helping to clear her name or showing up so she could appease a group of convention goers . He is definitely a good sport and I definitely love the touch of romance that’s within the story. Granddaddy may be my favorite character.  He is hilarious and hysterical. I love when he gets fired up and how he’s willing at 90 years old to still stand up for everything he believes in.   A fun note to add-  blackberries are my favorite berry and I do love BlackBerry moonshine. The recipes included within the book sound amazing and I am very much looking forward to trying some of these fabulous sounding drinks. 

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