Review: Falling for the Girl Next Door by Melissa Schroeder


Falling for the Girl Next Door 

Melissa Schroeder

The Fighting Sullivans Series, Book 2

Kindle Edition
Published September 9th 2021




From the USA Today Bestselling author of The Santinis comes a story of another group of military brothers who are about to meet the women who will own their hearts.

Alyx Sullivan finds that opposites attract in the most delightful ways.

My siblings give me crap about being the one with the bad temper. I’m not denying it. I say I make it work for me. Especially with my neighbors. They’ve all stopped making eye contact with me in the elevator, and I like it that way.

Except for Lizbeth.

She’s my next door neighbor, teacher of little people, and all around happy person. She probably wakes up smiling and happy. The first moment we met, I wanted her, but I am not a man made for happily ever afters.

So I’ve been as rude as possible to her, but she just doesn’t care. And with each interaction, it’s harder to resist the need I have for her. She’s wholesome and pretty and I just want to do all kinds of wicked things to her and with her…just EVERYTHING.

And in one moment, I  give into my desires and let’s just say…MIND BLOWN…along with other things.

Only, Lizbeth has a secret she’s been keeping, one that could have deadly consequences.




4 Stars

 Lizbeth is a sweet and charismatic woman. She has an abundance of patience and a sharp mind. That’s the nature of the game when you’re a kindergarten teacher. Lizbeth’s mother had a tradition of turning neighbors into friends and family. When her stubborn but extremely sexy neighbor resists all her tries at friendship she breaks out the big guns. Yet, Lizbeth may be getting more than she is asking for but just what she needs.

Alyx is kind of on the quiet side, is grumpy most of the time and is fine with that. He’s that neighbor that wants to be left alone but when Lizbeth’s Genuine and innocent nature is all over the hallways of their building he can’t help but take notice. The more Alyx tries to resist the more he can’t stop thinking about her. The moment he allows himself to get to know her he knows that he must protect her and that she is the one.

I loved this short read. Perfect for an afternoon escape. Alyx is the kind of grumpy that you can’t help but to swoon over. Lizbeth is sweet and infectious in the best way. Falling for the Girl Next Door Is classic Melissa Schroeder writing. You have characters that are interesting, humor to go along with your story, a little bit of action and quite a bit of heat. Perfect on site read.





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