Review: Seduced by the Mafia Boss by Shayla Black



Seduced by the Mafia Boss

Shayla Black 

Forbidden Confessions Series, Book 8

Kindle Edition
Published August 17th 2021
What will he risk to make his one-night stand last forever?

I’m Ridge.
I’m living a lie—except the night I met Kristi.
After hours of sweltering passion, I fell hard.
And I vowed to end my enemies to claim her.
Instead, she ran straight into danger.
So I have to kidnap her.
But she has a surprise for me, too…
Now I’m even more determined to mete out justice so I can spend the next fifty years with her.
Unfortunately, the mafia has a nasty habit of not letting go…

3.5 Stars

Intense, dangerous and riveting. Seduced  by the Mafia Boss is a quick, dark , edge of your seat read.

Ridge is living a dangerous life. Working an undercover job that has his life on the line every day. But one night with one very special person changed everything. Now to finish what he started, wrap it up and go and claim his woman. Sounds like an easy plan however when his gorgeous beauty walks right into the danger zone it changes the nature of the game. 

Kristi was swept off her feet in a way she couldn’t have  even thought possible the night of her best friend’s wedding. Only to wake up alone the next morning. Longing for that mystery man who left her in a blink of an eye.  Weeks later when her cousin comes up missing Kristi finds out just what happened to her mystery man.  Is everything as it seems or is there something much deeper and darker going on around her.

Holy hotness!  I love these forbidden confession stories. Quick intense reads that keep you very much on the edge of your seat. Seduced by the Mafia Boss crosses into one of my secret guilty pleasures zones of mafia romance. Kristi and Ridge have a fast, intense,  on the edge of danger story. They will grab you hard and fast and keep you hanging on right until the very end.

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