Review: Baer Truth by Jocie McKade

bearBaer Truth

Jocie McKade

The Three Baers, Book 1

Kindle Edition, 269 pages
Published January 2nd 2015


Vegetarian punk rocker, Abby Clark is kicked off the band tour bus in the middle of nowhere. That happens to be Sentinel, Wyoming in the dead of winter. With a talent for cooking and the singing voice of an angel she manages to disturb a very cranky, cold-hearted bear — Baer.

Joe Baer, is a sexy Wyoming beef rancher with women issues. His ranch is slipping through his fingers, he’s been betrayed by family, and he discovers a family secret that leaves him reeling.

Snow, out of control tractors, a wayward, but affectionate Angus bull, one hot country superstar, an unforgettable rodeo, and two jaded souls that just might be able to melt each other’s hearts when they find out, The Baer Truth.





4.5 Stars


Jocie McKade will make you laugh until it hurts.


Opposites attract is a big understatement when it comes to Joe and Abby. She’s a punk rock singing, potty mouthed, city girl.  He’s a born and bred ranch running, kind of grumpy cowboy.  Hello night, meet day! But somehow they ruffle one another feathers like no other.


Jocie McKade combines both humor and romance to create a laugh out loud story. My kids looked at me like I was crazy while reading Baer Truth!  I can’t tell you what I enjoyed more. The fact that our lead lady is a bigger walking catastrophe than I am.  Or the dialogue between all the characters. Whit, personally, sass and charisma draw you in, while Ms. McKade’s humor will keep you reading.
You want a damn good laugh? Read BARE TRUTH!!!!

A complimentary copy of this book was provided for an honest review.



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