ARC Review: Tempting Boundaries by Carrie Ann Ryan

Tempting Boundariestempting

Carrie Ann Ryan

Montgomery Ink Series, Book 2


Decker Kenrick knows it’s wrong to have feelings for his best friend’s little sister, but that doesn’t stop his thoughts from going down that path. No matter how hard he’s tried to stay away from Miranda, once she gets her sights on him, there’s no backing down.

Miranda Montgomery might be the youngest of the Montgomery clan, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t know what she wants. Namely—Decker. She’s loved him for as long as she can remember and won’t walk away until she gives it her all.

But once they give in, not all is at it seems. Decker’s father’s out of jail and someone from Miranda’s past isn’t happy with the new relationship. Even as they start to move on and overcome their pain, they’ll find that their inner obstacles are the ones they’ll have to face first.



 4.5 Stars

Miranda is the youngest of the Montgomery children. Although they are still treat her as if she is the little girl, she is very much an adult and a woman. Miranda is independent strong and caring. She has an underlying wild streak that only a few you get to see. One of the things I like most about her is that when she wants something she won’t stop till she gets it.

Decker Kenrick has gotten a piece of my heart. He has passion, loyalty, talent and a few demons. Decker is a few dashes of sweet with a big heaping cup of hot. Woot! This bearded, tattooed man will get under you skin.  His past is not a pretty one. That draws him to me in more ways that I am willing to go into. Enduring things that no one should have to go through, Decker learned what Family truly is with the Montgomery’s.  With his tender heart, tattered soul and amazing hands Decker has the best teachers as to what being family really is.


Chemistry, passion and feeling is what Carrie Ann Ryan gives her readers in Tempting Boundaries! Decker and Miranda heat the pages while fighting for something worth fighting for.  The two were made for each other. Knowing there was more to the two them than family/friends thing they test the waters ad push the boundaries.  Finding out a deeper story that will cut your heart. You can’t help but to feel for them.  Showing a family that will open its arms even if fists fly from time to time. One moment a tear will fall because of raw emotion the next your hot damn that is flipping hot. All while diving deeper into the Montgomery clan. A damn fine read and my favorite of the Montgomery Ink series thus far.
A complementary copy of this title was provided by the author/publisher for an honest review. Receiving a complementary copy does not affect the impact on any review.



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