B is for… by L. Dubois

22040897B is for…(BDSM Checklist)

L. Dubois

Kindle Edition, 152 pages

Published May 5th 2014 by Farm Boy Press


Mae never imagined she’d be assigned to the most dangerous letter of alphabet… or paired with the most sinister Dominant in the club. The BDSM Checklist game doesn’t scare Xavier, but he prefers leather and steel, and the submissive he’s partnered with thinks silk ribbon is bondage equipment.

Pushed to her limits both physically and emotionally, Mae is shock to discover how much she enjoys Xavier’s touch. But in the end it isn’t just Mae who will be affected by the unexpected chemistry between two seeming opposites. Xavier will have to decide if he’s willing to trust the lovely sub with the truth about himself, as he proves to her that there’s a darkness in her—a darkness that just might match his own.


review4 Stars

Crossing things off your checklist just got really sexy.  L. DuBois has really lured me into her BDSM Checklist series. I thought the letter A was hot!  Well B is for… Is on fire! The BDSM Checklist series takes place at the exclusive Las Palmas in LA, where the overseers of the club feel that the Doms and Subs have become complacent in their roles.  The overseers have put together a game that pairs Dom and Subs together to check off the kinks of each letter of the alphabet.

B is for… gives the read a look into the darker side of BDSM. Master Xavier uses the nonsexual side of BDSM as a release for himself. Powerful and commanding, he keeps emotion out of his play.   Mae is a sassy submissive that always has a comeback and likes to top from the bottom.

On the surface these two couldn’t be more different. After Xavier and Mea spend just a little time together there is no denying the chemistry between the two. Two unlikely people begin opening thing inside of each other that has done before. She makes him want to break the rules. He makes her want things she should not and like them.

Enticing, dark and erotic!

Not only does Ms. DuBois give the reader a very sensual overview of the world of BDSM. She has a fond gift for giving her characters some amazing personalities that make you want to read more of them. The BDSM Checklist series is now on my auto buy list!



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