Ink Reunited

InkReunited_150Ink Reunited By: Carrie Ann Ryan

From the streets of New Orleans and the heat of Midnight Ink, comes the happy ever after for a character whose story was begged to be told.

Sassy Bordeaux is the Midnight Ink receptionist, honorary godmother, best friend to many, and matchmaker expert. In the past two months, she’s watched eight couples fall in love, make mistakes, and find their happy endings. Though she might have had hand in each of those, she’s yet to find the peace she’s desired. When the men from her past come into Midnight Ink, she’s forced to face what she left behind and what could happen if she lets go of her pain and finds a future she deserves.

Rafe Chavez and Ian Steele remember their time with Sassy like it was yesterday, yet have worked hard to move on. Or at least try to. Now they’re both back in New Orleans for the woman they loved and for the connection they shared with each other. It will take more than the usual groveling, pleading and begging for these three to overcome their history, but once they take that step, the streets of New Orleans will never be the same.

review4 Stars

I just love everything about Sassy!  From when I first read about her in the stories in Midnight Ink, I knew there was something more too why I liked her so much.   Sassy is not just her name, it’s who she is.  She has a commanding presence.  She has a wonderful heart and can see the good in people.  She is also one hell of a matchmaker. She will sacrifice herself for the good of others.  Sassy is one of those people that you just can’t help but to like.

Carrie Ann Ryan delivers Sassy story with the powerful emotions that she is known for.  Giving her not just one, but two loves pulls at your heart string even more.  Combining three people from different paths in life falling in love, parting and trying reuniting their passion had me holding back the tears.  How could Sassy not love both Ian and Rafe, they both have quality that will make your smile and touch your soul.

A sassy love story that pulls at your heart!

An e-copy of this book was provided by the publisher for an honest review!

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