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Happy New Year and Welcome to the Blog!!

Welcome 2014!  I hope the New Year brings good tides to everyone!

My New Year brings the launch of my blog:

I been wanting to start a book blog for a while now and I have said this is the time.  A few years back when I no long had to wait on my children hand and foot, I decided it was time to start reading again.   I had now really read anything for several years, so my taste had changed a bit.  I have always loved Vampires and Witches, so I did an Amazon search on books for both subjects.  I wrote the names of a few titles down and went to the book store.  Yes, I wanted to go and check out the books before I bought them.  That was the day I discovered Paranormal Romance.  I walked out of the store that day with three books- Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Fantasy Lover, Yasmine Galenorn’s Witchling and Charlene Harris’s Dead After Dark.  

After tearing through the pages of these authors and more, my passion began.  I became a kid again, stayed up all hours of night to finish a book, just one more chapter, over and over.   LOL! I still do it now.  I love getting lost in dark and dangerous world fill with magic and fantasy.  A happily ever after is a must have.  OK, I will take a happy for now!  The sexy Hero and Heroines make you want to read more and more.

 I love the Romance genre all around.  After a year or so, I branch to main stream, some military, some YA(it takes a good YA to get me), suspense, fantasy and historical.  I can work with subject matter, I just want the HEA.  Hot loves scenes are a plus!!  I love series reading.  I get to revisit characters that I I know and love.  I get to learn about the one playing in the background in books before.  And I just love those Alpha males!!

Being an avid reader there are never enough people to talk with.  There is nothing like sharing that moment with a fellow reader about that awesome part or a book or turning point in a series!  My blog is to do just that.   I truly feel that word of mouth is how you find the best books.   If someone is will to take their time and talk you into it(saying said loaner knows your taste in books),you never know if you don’t try. 

So Welcome,  grab some coffee or tea.  There are fresh baked goodie still warn from the oven.  Let’s talk some books!