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Review: Dallas Fire and Rescue: Scorched by Melissa Schroeder


Melissa Schroeder

Dallas Fire & Rescue Kindle World Series

The Eldridges Series,  Book 1

Kindle Edition, 83 pages
Published January 19th 2017 by Kindle Worlds




As a firefighter, Cooper Murray has had his share of close calls, both on and off the job. When he’s injured in a four-alarm fire, he’s left at the mercy of Misty, his soon to be ex-wife. They’ve been estranged almost since their whirlwind romance and Vegas wedding. No woman has ever made him so insanely crazy or tugged at his heartstrings the way she does. Still, being in the same room is always dangerous for both of them.

Misty is convinced she’ll pay for her mistake of a marriage for the rest of her life. Coop was the one man who had captured her heart, and then he stomped on it and went back to Dallas. She had just started to live her life again when she got the call about Coop and his injuries. Misty isn’t in the mood to play nursemaid, but since he has refused to sign their divorce papers for eight months, she plans on using his confinement to force him to do just that.

With his injuries forcing close quarters, both Coop and Misty discover they have more in common than just the passion they share. Little by little, the pain of their past fades. But when things get tough, will they be able to hold the fragile new relationship together, or are they doomed to commit the mistakes of their past?






4.5 Stars 

Cooper and Misty have attraction and chemistry, it was like love at first sight. Just as fast as they started, they married and stopped. Cooper and Misty hold secrets affecting their ability to communicate with one another. Causing something that could be extremely good to go south very quickly. The heat of the moment can cause both pleasure and pain, leaving two people heartache and loneliness. Months later Cooper is injured while fighting a fire. One phone call has Misty at his bedside. Cooper sees this as his chance to convince Misty they belong together.


Melissa Schroeder packed a lot of emotion and passion in a quick, heat filled, second chance at romance read. A good story line, strong characters and very steamy. Even in this short tale we see a lot of character growth for both Misty and Cooper. Ms. Schroeder delivers a fun, sexy and heartfelt read with Scorched.


On a side note- As a long time reader of Ms. Schroeder, I love how she always include family. Misty’s brothers are bold, loud and a force. I can’t wait to learn more about them.

A copy of this title was provided for review.