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Review: Accept This Dandelion by Brooke Willians


Accept This Dandelion

Brook Williams


Published February 4th 2015 
Prism Book Group


Renee Lockhart has her eye on a lofty goal…to fill the open position of morning radio show host on a nearby secular station. When her co-workers sign her up for a local TV version of “the Bachelor,” Renee goes along with it in order to raise her profile. Ben McConnell, one of the most eligible bachelors in town, insists that Renee be placed on the show, despite her bumbling audition. Ben gets much more than he expected in Renee. He gets a girl who doesn’t bow to his every whim…and a girl who opens his eyes to true, unexpected love. Enjoy a local version of the popular “Bachelor” TV show…where nothing can go right for Renee!






3.5 Stars

Although I am not a fan of the Bachelor type shows, I did find Accept This Dandelion an enjoyable and funny romantic read.

The story was a fast read with a fun and humorous plot line. The comical mishap of Renee give the reader many laugh out loud moments within this book. The chemistry between Ben and Renee allows the characters to both feed off of and compliment each other. They made the story fun

Accept The Dandelion is a sweet, flirtatious, romantic and heartwarming story, where love will find you even if you’re not really looking for it.

A copy was provided for an honest review.







Review: Below The Belt by Sidney Halston

belowBelow The Belt

Sidney Halston

Worth The Fight Series, Book 3

ebook, 288 pages
Published February 10th 2015 by Loveswept
In Sidney Halston’s latest sizzling MMA romance, a former title contender turns the tables on his knockout trainer with a lesson in seduction.Once one of the most sought-after names on the mixed martial arts circuit, Antonio “Scarface” Marino watched his career go down for the count as he chased skirts and made tabloid headlines. Now he’s finally making a comeback, and it’s all thanks to Francesca Silva, a Brazilian bombshell as tough as any of her fighters. But who’s the real Francesca: the trash-talking trainer who rides him hard, or the vulnerable woman who blushes at his touch?Francesca went to the mat to sign Tony because she believes he still has the potential to bring big success to her gym—if she can keep his head in the cage and out of her personal life. After a short-lived marriage soured her on love, a one-night stand is all she can handle. Now Tony’s kisses are stirring up complicated feelings—especially when he agrees to face her ex in the ring. Francesca’s used to freezing guys out. But Tony’s tempting her to give in to the heat.



4 Stars

Heart and passion, in and out of the ring.


Anyone who knows me, knows I’m not a sports fan. I play pool and watch women’s 9 ball. I was beyond surprised to find the amount heart and feeling in a MMA fighting romance book.


Francesca is a tough as nails, balls to the wall’s, fight you as tough as a man kind of girl. Or that’s what she would like everyone to think. A complex character, that knows her own flaws and weaknesses.


Tony was the true surprise of the book for me. A top name in his sport, who is moving downhill. Fighting is his passion but not the way one would think. Tony’s TV and real life selves are two very different people who we see merge together to allow him to become who he truly is.


Below The Belt is an adrenaline pumping, sexy read. Sexual tension, attraction, and chemistry are blended perfectly! With lots of built hotties to picture as your reading. Tony is the true star of this book. His passion for life, love and family kept me turning the pages. Francesca and Tony keep you guessing! Their passion is as hot as the Miami sun.


Below The Belt is the third book of the Worth The Fight Series, however I had no issue reading it as a stand alone.


I received a copy of this book via netgalley for an honest review.

Review: Standing By by Claudia Y. Burgoa

Standing ByStanding By

Claudia Y. Burgoa

A Knight’s Tale, Book 2

Published September 23rd 2014


Mitch Knight

1. Loves a good challenge
2. Never turns his back on a dare
3. Loves to create nicknames
4. Nobody cooks better than him
5. Doesn’t believe in love

When Parker Welsh sells Mitch Knight his organic restaurant, Willows, he not only gives Mitch ownership; but everything entangled with it. Including the annoying pastry chef who supplies the muffins and cupcakes.

Hayley Roth-Welsh

1. Loves To-Do Lists and Five-Year Plans
2. Has her dream job of baking sweets
3. Always tries to make others happy
4. Never seems to succeed with her family
5. Is still a virgin, waiting for love

Hayley played by her mother’s rules for the first eighteen years of her life, instead of heading to college as her family expected, she rebelled and opened a bakery, Pieces of Heaven. Her family expects her to fail and head back to school and their wish may come true once Parker sells his restaurant to the handsome, arrogant Mitchel Knight. It’s either join forces with him or lose her dream




3.5 Stars


Take a fly by the seat of his pants kind a guy and a girl who lives by taking notes and keeping lists. Throw in a lot of snark, sarcasm, some push and pull, you get two people are so perfect for each other.

Mitch and Hayley have a bit of a bumpy past together.  Causing a bit of animosity between stubborn people.  They are alike but in opposite ways. Kinda hard to explain but very funny to watch. For people who did not want to be around each other, they found a way to love one another.

A fast paced story with some comical characters and some plot twists. My one issues with Standing By, there were instances where I was confused as to who was talking.  An overall good quick contemporary read.


A complimentary copy of this title was provided by the author/publisher for an honest review review.