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Happy New Year 2022!

2014 Reading Goals!

A new year is beginning,that means it’s time for more books.  As a self-proclaimed avid reader, I love the beginning of the year for setting new goals. This year I wanted to do something different for my reading goals. I want to do more than just set a number of books to read. This year I am setting goals with in the books that I will be reading. Also with starting the book blog this year I want to include that with in my goals.  I maybe biting off more than I think I am but I  sure gonna give it a try.

So here are my list of goals.

1.To read a total of 80 books. This is the number of books I set for 2013 and achieve that goal. I am not increasing the number because of the other goals I am setting for myself.

2. To find ten new to me authors to read and talk about on the blog.

3. To review at least half of the books I read.

4. To branch out of my reading comfort zone. I started reading contemporary romance this year and have enjoyed it. I want to include reading more contemporary, romantic suspense, and some steampunk added in there.

5. Read my first Nora Roberts book this year.

6. To reread the Dark Hunter series by Sherrilyn Kenyon.  I have read all the books and short stories of this series.  After reading Styxx in 2013 (OMG, That book!!!), and reliving some events of the past, I feel it is time to start over again!!

7. And last but not least get caught up on all my series that I little behind on.

This is my list so far.  Some goals may be added or changed.  That is the way life goes!  It’s a start and that is what counts.  I am keeping my finger crossed. I will keep everyone posted as to how my year in reading progresses.  Good luck to everyone in your own reading goals.