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Review: Free Ride by Evelyn Glass

Free Ride free ride

Evelyn Glass

Padre Knights MC Series, Book 1

twitter: @evelynglass9

Kindle Edition, 1st Edition, 101 pages
Published March 27th 2014 by E-Book Publishing World


He’s finally come home, only to find that everything has changed

After ten years of riding with the Padre Knights MC, Alejandro Rojas has become the Vice President of the outlaw motorcycle club. When a club assignment takes him back to his hometown of Arroyo Flats, Alejandro finds himself reeling back in time, haunted by memories of a girl he lost a decade ago, memories of a love that could have been, and memories of broken promises made on the back of his bike.

Her life is about to be entwined fame and prestige when it suddenly comes crashing down.

Alaine Owens is engaged to Bobby Dawson, the son of a powerful South Texas politician. Yet she has never forgetten the boy to whom she gave her love–and herself–ten years ago, even if she still hasn’t forgiven him for his broken promise.

A second chance to mend a broken promise. But time is running out…

All Alejandro wants is to see Alaine again and fulfill the promise he made her ten years ago. Likewise, Alaine knows the danger of seeing Alejandro again after all these years. But the siren of love is calling the two souls home to each other. As their worlds collide once again in the flames of passion, Alaine and Alejandro are about to find that some promises are never meant to be broken, even if everything in the world–from the laws of the state to the unspoken social contracts of the South–seem hell-bent on it.





3.5 Stars

Alejandro and Ali had a summer fling a decade ago that left lasting memories and hurt carved into their souls. Even years passing, with all the hurt and suffering, and think the feeling have passed, they both realize the truth in surprise. Fast forward ten years and just the sighting of each other stirs those old feeling that never went away. Life has them on different sides of the fence. The pull may just be stronger than before.

A different take on biker romance. We see a very soft and tender biker grace the pages of Free Ride. Alejandro did not give off that alpha controlling vibe at all. Just the opposite, sweet, caring and tender man, just seeking to right a wrong and ask forgiveness. Ali is two steps shy of a hot mess. In a matter of a day she broke off and engagement to a man that is willing to do what it takes to please his father. To having the best thing/worst nightmare she walked back into her life. Making her question what she truly wants in life.

The unexpected soft introduction to this MC series was a pleasant change. There was no Alpha dominance, but a lot of sweet passionate and rekindling of a friendship or maybe more. Short and sweet, Free Ride will catch with it’s tenderness and keep you reading on the hints of what’s to come. A good story and I look forward to seeing how it continues on.