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ARC Review: A Santini’s Heart by Melissa Schroeder

heartA Santini’s Heart

Melissa Schroeder

Santini Series, book

Harmless Publishing

August 30, 2016


Carlos Santini has seen the worst of war first hand. After leaving the Marines, he decided to open a therapy ranch. If he can’t fight anymore, he wants to help those who have served and who are still serving. Everything is fantastic, but for one little issue, his assistant, Tia Mendoza. The woman is bossy, sarcastic, and so hot he can barely keep his thoughts straight around her.

Tia loves the work she does with Carlos. She thrives helping other veterans like her brother. Of course, working for a man like Carlos isn’t easy. He has a hot temper and he is so sexy when he loses it. She can’t help but test him, until the day she pushes him too far.

Carlos knows from that first kiss that Tia is the woman for him. But, before they can have that Santini HEA, they find the ranch they both love in danger from some very bad men. As the threats grow deadly, Carlos realizes that before he can claim his woman, he will have to do everything in his power to save not only the ranch they both love, but also Tia’s life






5 Stars


Carlos Santini  has been to hell and back. A retired Marine suffering from PTSD, mad at the world and everything in, found some peace and solace at an equine therapy ranch. With hard work, The companionship the horses gave and the sheer determination of proving his ball busting trainer wrong, Carlos found a way to not be so mad at the world and joy life again. Even if he’s bossy and grumpy.


Tia Mendoza has to be one of my favorite female characters that Melissa has written. She’s hard and sassy. She takes no crap and will just dish it out 10 times harder than you can. Tia is also giving, caring and independent.  Losing her brother has been very hard on Tia, causing this fiery woman to lose some of her sass. Fighting an attraction while fighting depression has this ball busting woman on edge.


There is nothing like watching the moment when a Santini realizes they have falling in love. Big, hard, alpha men who put their lives on the line, stumble when their heart skips a beat and stop in their tracks almost dumbfounded. Carlos is no different than his brothers or cousins when it comes to Tia. These two tangle each other up like no other.  They also have the ability to help heal each other in ways no other could. Their  cheeky banter and snarkiness add to the inevitable that they’re trying to avoid. Their chemistry and attraction is off the charts sexy and hot. It also contains a deep emotional healing that you feel coming from the pages. What better way to heal than with the love of a Santini!


A Santini’s Heart is an emotional ride leaving you breathless for a cowboy!



ARC Review: One Hot Summer by Melissa Cutler


One Hot Summer

Melissa Cutler

One and Only Texas, Book 1

St. Martin’s Press

Mass Market Paperback, 384 pages
Published April 5th 2016


Welcome to Dulcet, Texas, home of the legendary Briscoe Ranch Resort, where one woman will discover that even love is bigger in the Lone Star State…

Celebrity wedding planner Remedy Lane is Hollywood royalty–until a scandal sends her packing to the wilds of Texas. She has a knack for leaving disaster in her wake, but she’s determined to reboot her career at Briscoe Ranch, a luxury resort known for extravagant weddings. Little does she know that weddings don’t happen at the resort without the approval of the town’s cowboy swaggering, too-hot-for-his-own good fire chief, Micah Garrity.

Micah knows trouble when he sees it, and all it takes is one glimpse of Remedy’s princess airs for him to know he’s met his match. Too bad he can’t stop thinking about her–even when she brings about one disaster after another at the resort. He and Remedy clash at every turn, but they can’t stop the sparks flying between them. They come from such different worlds–does love stand a chance or will this fire burn too hot for either of them to handle?






4.5  Stars

Remedy is a spitfire of a city girl. Fun, sassy and will stand up for herself. Even if she’s a total klutz. She’s hardworking and persistent. One of the things I like most about her is she took the hard road even though she didn’t have to.  A cushy life could’ve been had but instead she got sweaty and the Texas heat.


Micah is a good ol country boy. No, make that man. Proud of his self proclaimed redneck status. A man who will stand his ground and put others before himself.  He’s the town hero. The man harbors ill feeling toward those whom I call the rich and snobby. He’s a good loyal man and protective of his town. Until his marbles get rolling when a snarky ray of California light comes into his life.


Anyone who knows me, knows that Cowboy reads are not my first choice. Every once in awhile a title catches me and I have to dive in.  One Hot Summer was the perfect read at just the time I need it.  Fun and feisty with a lot of snark and humor.  The sexual tension was so fun, playful and intense. Remedy and Mason are each other’s yin to yang. Both overflowing with personality.  Their chemistry is hot and tests both their limits. Emotional and funny balanced with amazing passion that will leave you as hot as the Texas heat. One Hot Summer is my first Melissa Cutler read. I am very impressed.


Review copy provided by netgalley.