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ARC Review: Rogue by Patricia Rasey


Patricia Rasey

Sons of Sangue Series, Book 4

E- Book

Self Published: February 23, 2016



Vampire MC member Anton “Rogue” Balan, aka Blondy, has turned his back on the powerful Sons of Sangue, betraying the brotherhood he once considered his family. Or so his vampire brethren think. Changing his appearance, his persona, and signing up with rival gang, the Devils, Rogue has gone deep undercover to catch the La Paz Cartel’s kingpin. Having lost a woman he once thought he would spend eternity with, Rogue now feels he has nothing left to lose . . . that is until a temptation named Kimber James invades his dangerous world.

Strait-laced Kimber has a problem and his name is Anton Balan. After an impulsive night of passion with him more than a year ago, the small-town librarian still has the hots for the sexy biker next door. She can’t deny her desire for Anton, even though she suspects he’s hiding a secret even darker than his affiliation with an outlaw MC. As for Rogue, no matter how much he tries to refuse the scorching need he has for Kimber—as much as his duty depends on it—he’s powerless to deny his rising feelings for her. And when a blindside by an enemy he once trusted puts Kimber’s life at risk, Rogue’s tarnished honor is put to the ultimate test.





5 Stars

Anton “Rogue” Balan, also known as Blondie, has just become my new favorite of the Son. The sweet Alpha vampire, as I like to call him, is as sexy and build as the Road King he rides.  Sweet, kind and caring Anton makes you melt in more ways than one. Don’t let that fool you, the man can take you faster than the blink of an eye. Internal struggles, mimicking betrayal and longing have changed Anton. Even in what could be called his darkest hour his loyalty, devotion, and selflessness never waver from his true home.


Kimber is a girl next door type with personally and spunk. Putting her in a class all her own. A good and sweet woman who can stand her ground. Kimber is as straight laced as they come, however she does have this sultry and playful side that you don’t see on the surface.  She’s a fun and extremely likable character.


Patricia Rasey’s fourth installment of the Son of Sangue series, Rogue, has just become my favorite of the series.  Sorry Gypsy!  Anton has upped the game!  Action pack and emotionally driven, Patricia Rasey once again has readers hanging on for dear life while going at breakneck speeds. The stench of betrayal thickens the air, danger is to close to home, secrets unfold as the bonds of Brotherhood are tested to the core.  Chemistry, compassion, passion and lust have infused a desire for things that should not be. Making wants and needs walk a fine line in the Sons dangerous world. And that’s just the beginning. Sexual tension, suspense and extreme loyalty make the foundation for a fast paced story with a twisty plot that pull you in and keeps the pages turning to the wee hours of the morning.  Fantastic storytelling with the perfect balance of romance and suspense, Ms. Rasey delivers a damn fine book.


As a huge fan of the Sons of Sangue series, I recommend that you read the stories in order to fully benefit the this amazing world she has created.  Rogue is a highly recommended book as is the entire Sons of Sangue series.

A complementary copy of this title was provided by the author.