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ARC Review: Gypsy by Patricia A. Rasey


Patricia A Rasey

Sons Of Sangue Series

Book 3

Published: April 28. 2015




Grayson “Gypsy” Gabor loves the ladies. As a matter of fact, the more the merrier. Life is good. That is until a mishap with a sexy-as-hell redhead leaves them mated. The eldest of vampires, Vlad Tepes, gives him a choice: Keep her or give her up for all eternity to his one-time best friend, Anton.


Tamera Cantrell sets her sights on the Vice President of the Sons of Sangue, Gypsy. But after a night gone wrong, she finds herself caught between one vampire who hates her and one who adores her. Now Tamera’s only got three short months to prove to the one who despises her that he can’t live without her.


Add in one Mexican Cartel, a vindictive primordial vampire, and a rival MC out for blood, and Gypsy has his hands full with club business. When Tamera’s life becomes endangered, Gypsy must act quick or chance losing her forever.




5 Stars!


Pissed off and twisted is not a good look on Sons of Sangue VP, Gypsy.  The ladies man of the MC has found his self between a rock and a hard place without his own doing.  Putting him in an asshole state from hell.  Gypsy, the brother I love and hate. His eyes capture, his body will entice and his presence causes panty dropping lust to erupt. Gypsy is walking, talking, sin on a bike.  An ego bigger than most, accustomed to getting what he wants, and so hypocritical he needs to take a looking in a mirror, Gypsy battles himself with the decision that will change him not matter the choice.

Want, need and desire have Tamera caught up in a web of craziness. With no choice but to go along for the ride.  Tamera’s mishap sets in motion a whirlwind of chaos within the MC. Leaving her freedom, life and love lingering on the fingertips of an enraged vampire. I am still on the fence about Tamera. One thing I will say is the woman has some balls. Making me want to high five her and smack her within a minutes time.
Intensity is an understatement for the hot mess that plagues the Sons Of Sangue in GYPSY.   Deceit is thick in the air. Brotherhood is tested.  Revenge is a must. Sexual tension is taken to a new level. That’s just the beginning. Patricia Rasey has the reader going full throttle into a wicked storm.  Action from beginning to end, twists that hit you like a brass knuckled fist and lust building like a bomb waiting to go off.  Great flippin book!

My anticipation for Gypsy’s book was extremely high before it was ever written. I lost sleep and sequestered myself in my car for more time then I’m willing to admit to finish this book. Was it worth it? Your damn right it was. I cussed at my kindle, screamed at fictional characters, my jaw dropped more than once and lusted after a man that doesn’t exist.  Am I pathetic, maybe, maybe not. Ms. Rasey captures and captivate her audience with intriguing characters, an amazing storyline, and jaw dropping moments. Giving this reader the best book hangover ever. A 2015 top read for me.