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Review: Immortal Angel by Loni Lynne

angelImmortal Angel

Loni Lynne

Guardians of Dacia Series

Kindle Edition, 183 pages
Published April 20th 2015 by Spiridus Publishing
Tina Johnston is left heartbroken after the man she loves, Mike Linder turns her away. She’s too young and naïve to be able to understand the immortal, Vietnam warrior who suffers from the nightmare of his past. So she decides to work for the Delvante Clan and train to be an assistant to the immortal Dacians. What she doesn’t know is that her first assignment is about to take her into a world of danger and action, in which the very people she’s learning to protect are out to hunt her down and make her one of their own.
Vietnam was forty years ago and yet Mike Linder can’t forget the horrors of the past. His struggle with PTSD has no place for the lovely, Tina Johnston. As much as he wants her out of his life, he can’t bear to be without her. What they shared the past few months is beyond anything he deserves. But when he finds she’s gone to work for his boss, Rick Delvante and is sent to infiltrate a group of rogue vampires in Germany, he is beside himself. The only thing he can do is face his worst fear and go into battle once more to bring her home safely.
But what he finds is not the woman he left behind. Is he too late to save his Immortal Angel?
4 Stars

Tina and Mike have something bigger than they both realize. Fear and stubbornness, has Mike pushing away a light in his darkness.  Pride and determination make Tina want to prove there is more to her than a fragile mortal.
Action, legend and lore captures the reader’s attention while sending them on a journey of destined romance. Characters challenging themselves to face life, love and the destiny changing them by the minute.  An amazing world within a world, Ms. Lynne created something magical and intriguing, that I enjoyed getting lost in.  A shorty short that packs a punch!


Audio Review: A Taste For A Mate by Carrie Ann Ryan




Published September 2014 (first published January 30th 2012)

Narrator: Gregory Salinas


Jasper Jamenson’s only responsibility to being the Beta of the Redwood Pack, second son of the Alpha, is to protect the Pack from themselves and the human world. After a century of selfless service, his brother’s new found mating forced him into taking a good look into his life. He isn’t sure he wants a mate, but fate may have other ideas.

Willow Delton is a skinny, bakery owner – the type most woman love to hate. Being without family, she finds herself alone to the Greek god with green eyes who saunters into her bakery every morning. Her desire to follow him, to be with him, overrides every rational sense she possessed.

Jasper and Willow are drawn together, despite every nuisance that works against them. But evil beyond even Jasper’s supernatural compensation will make war against him, by going after the only thing in his eternal life he desires – Willow. Is Willow’s heart enough to overcome Jasper’s soul to save her life? A fight he cannot win, but to save her life – he must.



review4.5 Stars


Diving deeper into the Redwood Pack!


Jasper, Beta of the Redwood Pack, is everything I love in a wolf. Strong, dominant, protective and fierce. His life changed the day he walked into a bakery and smelled that cinnamony sent. Just when he and his wolf have their mate, hell breaks in on Jaspers life.  


Willow is a survivor. Orphaned, she has only had herself to rely on. She made a goal and built her dream. Willow is strong, a bit timid but feisty when needed and courageous. For a woman whose life literally got a slapped into a living urban legend I would say she is doing pretty damn good.


Carrie Ann Ryan takes it up a notch with A Taste For A Mate, book two of the Redwood Pack Series.  Willow and Jasper will tug at your heart as they steam up the pages trying to find how their pieces fit together. Emotional and naughty. Ms. Ryan really opens up the world of the Redwoods. Getting deep inside the pack, learning the ways of her wolves. Personalities emerge from the background, setting the stage not only for this story but the entire series.  

Gregory Sanlinas voice is the piece that completes the puzzle bringing the Redwood Pack alive in the readers mind. 




Audio Review: LOGAN’S ACADIAN WOLVES by Kym Grosso


Kym Grosso


September 17th, 2013


Deep in the heart of New Orleans, Acadian Wolves’ Alpha, Logan Reynaud, rescues a beautiful woman in the dead of night. Intrigued by the mysterious human, the commanding Alpha is determined to elicit all of her secrets, including her deepest fantasies. After tragedy strikes, Logan discovers dangerous adversaries are planning an attack in his city. Driven by responsibility and honor, Logan must protect both his pack and the woman who’s captivated his attention.

Dr. Wynter Ryan, a leading virologist, is fascinated with her charismatic protector. As the chemistry ignites between her and the dominant Alpha, she relinquishes her ties to the past, embracing ecstasy and submission within his arms and intrepidly acquiescing to her own adventurous instincts. Succumbing to desire, she learns to trust her Alpha, discovering what it means to be wolf.

Passion and mystery on the bayou stirs Logan’s wolf, demanding he claim his mate. Yet Wynter’s a distraction he can’t afford when his priority is to lead his new pack. Will Logan surrender to the uncontrollable need to claim Wynter as his mate? And will he be able to keep her alive, finding the killer who threatens the Acadian Wolves?

Warning: This book contains several erotic love scenes, including m/f/m ménage, and is intended for adult readers only.



5 Stars


Mix southern gentleman with Alpha wolf and you have Logan.  A deadly beast with a caring and gentle touch that has to make ones skin quiver.  Newly named Alpha of the Acadian wolves, Logan natural charismatic nature along with his dominance, sexiness and love for shopping made me more than love him. An Alpha in every sense of the word. Woo!!!!!


Wynter has to be one of the most unique characters I have read about in a long time. Smart, beautiful, caring,self sacrificing and on the run for her life.  The very nature of Wynter’s  life was changed against her will and still she put others before herself.  Her drive and determination to make the wrong, right just add to the beauty of her character.


Kym Grosso has created a world of seductive darkness, heart pounding passion with a unique twist the paranormal creatures I have come to love.  Logan’s Acadian Wolves will tempt you into its pages with the sexy men(wolves), an intriguing mystery, a breathtaking setting and one of the top five ménage scenes I have ever read. The characters will pull you in, the suspense keeps you turning the pages, the passion keeps you at the edge of your seat.


Ryan West has quickly moved his way up my list of narrators that I love.  His seductive and sultry voice talents deliver the story as if you are watching it unfold on a screen. Mr. West brings to life the charisma, depth and personalities to not only the characters, but that of the story as well. A narrator can make or break an audiobook for the listener. Ryan West’s smooth voice will have you tangled in this tale.







Review: Unbound by Sara Humphreys


Sara Humphreys

The Amoveo Legend, Book 5.5


Kindle Edition
Published January 6th 2015 by Sourcebooks Casablanca
Zachary McKenna is a warrior shapeshifter from the Lion Clan, trying to catch a break in the sun and surf of Mexico. Mai Tais and scantily clad beach beauties are just what he needs after his last battle. But the fun doesn’t last long before a beautiful young woman is mugged on his doorstep and Zach is pulled right back into the fray.Zach has no idea of the danger Annabelle has unwittingly brought to his doorstep, until he discovers that losing her will almost certainly destroy him…

 4.5 Stars

Fate has this not so funny way of being very cruel at times. And you never know it until it bits you in the butt.

Zachary, a guardian for the Amoveo, is coming down to the wire on finding his mate. Not that this sexy lion shifter is ready to be settled down with one woman for eternity. However the prospect of losing his powers is not on the top of his todo list.  Needing to clear his head, Zachary takes a much needed vacation to a tropical paradise.  It takes less than a New York minute for fate to jump up and slap Zachary in the face in the form of the perfect woman stumbling into his arms.Annabelle Caedo has a secret talent that has her on the run. Her family that is more cult like than not, has a vendetta that’s not going to stop. Not buying into their way of life or thinking, Annabelle sets out to save herself by finding in the one place she feels is safe.  Less than five minutes into her Safehaven her world gets turned upside down and falls right into the arms of the man she’s been dreaming of, a man she’s been taught to hate. The thing is the arms of the enemy are the safest place she’s ever been.

Sara Humphreys Amoveo series is truly something to behold. Action, passion, magic, suspense and super hot shifters, everything a book needs to keep on sitting at the edge of your seat turning the pages.  The legend of the Amoveo shifters intrigues me. The complexity and depth of the characters kept me reading. Ok and it was really, really hot!!  The descriptions of the lagoon and waterfall truly breathtaking and magical themselves!  A great read for shifter lovers.

A complimentary copy of this title was provided for an honest review. Receiving a complimentary copy does not affect the outcome of this review.

Review: Haunted Haven by Anna Snow

SnowHaunted Haven

Anna Snow

ebook, 76 pages
Published November 21st 2014 by Amazon Digital Services
After the death of Heather’s mother she finds herself in limbo. With no social life to speak of, no husband, and no real friends, she decides a change is in order, and the job at the Lakeshore Hollow newspaper, and the magnificent, yet abandoned, Haven Manor appears to be just what the doctor ordered.
But Heather soon realizes Haven Manor isn’t the welcoming home it first appeared.
From small bumps and bangs to the haunting image of bloodied, tormented children, strange events begin to play out around her, and the need to know why Haven has sat abandoned for fifty years and what happened to its previous inhabitants become Heather’s number one priority.
But with the lack of cooperation from the Lakeshore Hollow residents, Heather’s suspicions begin to rise and the mystery deepens. The only cooperation she can get is from her new contractor and lifelong Lakeshore Hollow resident, Andy Bennett. Not only is he willing to help her get the answers she now so desperately seeks, he stirs her passion as no man ever before.
Together, they must solve the great mystery of Haven Manor and along the way, their growing desire for each other.

4.5 Stars
I was truly surprised at just how much was packed in to the short story. Miss Snow paints a vivid picture with her descriptive details of this beautiful world she has created. There is no lack for wanting visual imagery in this book.

Combining small-town romance with paranormal and suspends elements, Haunted Haven touched on many aspects of romance reading that I enjoy. Giving the reader a page turning story with an ending this reader did not see coming.

I found Andy and Heather’s story to be more like the boy/girl next door sweet type of love. Their personalities were perfect for each other and they complement each other very well.

An entertaining story that you can read in one sitting. If haunted houses are your thing and like a good twist to a story. Haunted Haven is the read for you.

I received complementary copy of this book for an honest review. Receiving a complementary copy does not reflect on the outcome of this review.


Audio Review: Kade’s Dark Embrace

Kade’s Dark Embracekade

Kym Grosso

Immortals of New Orleans Series, Book 1

Paperback, 250 pages
Published March 5th 2012 by Kindle Direct Publishing
After a series of girls are ritualistically murdered on the cold streets of Philadelphia, seasoned detective, Sydney Willows, is forced to work with sexy, alpha vampire, Kade Issacson. While working the case, Sydney finds herself inexplicably drawn to Kade, fighting the passion she feels towards him.Kade, determined to solve the case and mete out justice, is captivated by the independent, fiery detective. As he attempts to protect her from a very real murderer, Kade grows concerned that the beautiful, but very human detective, could easily end up dead should she tangle with supernatural forces that are beyond her control.The investigation leads them into a dark and dangerous world, deep in the heart of New Orleans, where together, they search for the perpetrators of the Voodoo killings. Sydney soon becomes the target of the killer and ends up fighting for her life and love in the Big Easy. Will she eventually give into the intoxicating desire she feels for Kade if she makes it out alive?
4 Stars
 Sydney is an amazing woman. Strong, strong-willed, highly independent and damn good at what she does. She is a survivor. She has this amazing self-confidence not only in her work, her work ethic and just who she is. She’s worked hard to get where she’s at and she’s not gonna let anyone tell her what she can or cannot do. A woman after my own heart. She’s willing to put others above yourself and make sure justice is served. A damn fine woman, even if she is a bit hardheaded.Is there such thing as a dominant southern gentleman? If not well, Kade is the answer to that. Whenever he was on the page, it was like time stopped. Kade speaks with grace and manors. Delivering his message with the commanding dominance that shows the power and respect he has earned with his age. Kade is sexy, sophisticated it’s like his presence put you in a trance. Very easy to get lost into the dangerous man. I very much enjoyed reading Kade.I read this book on the recommendation of fellow Book Obsessed Chick and friend, Janet. I was in no way letdown. when I read this book it was like time stopped. I was amazed at how I got lost in the story. Kade and Sydney are fantastic, both together and apart. Strong personalities and amazing story line can’t me turning the pages. The dual setting of Philadelphia and New Orleans Intensifies the story and adds to the plot. Add in all the keeping move in action, steamy romance, stubborn woman, dominant vampire, hot shifter and you get a damn fine book. Kade’s Dark Emraces was free at the time I downloaded and I also purchased the audio book to go along. The narration by Ryan West gave these wonderful characters another voice, that I did another layer of depth to the story. The story flows wonderfully, you were easily able to distinguish the characters voices and the story is delivered with passion


Review: Immortal Heat by Loni Lynne

ImmortalHeat-bookcover2 (VTCSwitchbladeRomance)2 copy revised

Immortal Heat

Loni Lynne

The Guardians of Dacia #1

Kindle Edition
Published October 6th 2014 by Loni Lynne
Dacian Historian…
Determined to study ancient Dacian folk lore abroad, Marilyn Reddlin’s plans are cut short when she is abducted by a dark haired stranger who insists she’s in danger. The only danger she’s in is losing herself to her abductor’s inexplicable seductive energy. Draylon Conier teaches her there is more to Romania than myth and fairy tales while sweeping her into a wild adventure of paranormal mystery and intrigue.

Dacian History…
Thousands of years trying to pay back a debt, Draylon Conier is finally able to do so. Sent to capture a young, American student who is in danger while in Romania, he just has to send her back home. Easy enough for him. Unfortunately, Marilyn Reddlin is determined to thwart his every attempt—even telepathy. But there is more to her than meets the eye and the closer he gets to her, the more danger she is in, not only from the ancient immortal Dacian clans he’s trying to protect her from, but also his own sexual need.

History just got a lot harder.
They must find out what connection Marilyn has to Dacian history before Draylon destroys her when she succumbs to Immortal Heat.

About the Author:
Loni Lynne1
Born in Michigan, Loni grew up all over the mid-west. From Michigan to Texas and everywhere in between before joining the Navy and meeting her Army husband. Together they were stationed in Hawaii for four years before returning to settle close to family in Maryland.

Raising two beautiful daughters, Loni went from being a domestic goddess to a writer and finally a published author when her husband gifted her with a laptop,portable hard drive and a membership to Romance Writers of America for her birthday and challenged her to, ‘finish a book by her next birthday’. She now has many stories but Wanted: One Ghost is her debut.

4 Stars

An almost dream like adventure wrapped with paranormal mystery and lore.

Marilyn grew on me during the reading of Immortal Heat.  A well read young woman, but sheltered. A bit of a geek, however there is something fiery with in this beauty.  Marilyn smart, willing and brave.  When the history of myths and legends that she loves so much becomes a reality, Marilyn’s inner strength rises and pieces start to fit in place. From what should have been a trip to finish her studies quickly became an adventure in keeping her life. we see Marilyn make some amazing transformatios that not only change her from child to woman, she truly changes herself completely.

Draylon is a fierce warrior and protector. He’s straight  from myth and legend. One of a kind. The man has a body that is sexy as sin. Draylon sheer presence is enough to make you weak in the knees. His presence on the page make sure kind of feel like you’re in a dream state where every fantasy can come true.  Draylon made this story for me.

Ms. Lynne created a story that I truly got lost in. I had to read the book twice before I could sit down to write this review. The story was almost like a dream, not sure where reality and fantasy began or ended.  She created a world with all the paranormal creatures that I love. She gave us interesting characters that captured your heart and allowed you to get sucked into their story.  Heat and passion fill the page while getting lost in the amazing world Ms. Lynne has allowed the reader to play in.

Whatever your paranormal tastes are in the romance world, Immoral Heat will have something for you. I look forward to seeing what happens in the Guardians of Dacia series.

A complementary copy of this book was provided by the author/publisher for an honest review.