Review: Etched in Honor by Carrie Ann Ryan


Etched in Honor 

Carrie Ann Ryan 

Aspen Pack Series, Book 1

Paperback, 306 pages
Published May 23rd 2022
NYT Bestselling Author Carrie Ann Ryan returns to the world of paranormal in the thrilling and dynamic new Aspen Pack series.

The betrayal that had nearly taken out the Aspen Pack has passed, but the ramifications of starting with a new hierarchy are taking their toll on Audrey Porter. Once traitor to the former leaders for trying to save their people, she’s now the Beta of the Pack and must try to hold their shattered remains together. Only she never expected the man from her past to awaken memories long since buried.

Gavin Powers is the new Tracker for the Aspen, yet it feels as though he’s always been part of the Pack, rather than a newcomer trying to heal a people long since thought forgotten. There are secrets within the den that could alter how the world sees shifters, and if Gavin isn’t careful, his attraction to Audrey could ruin everything.

There is a mysterious new enemy on the horizon, one long since vanquished into myth. As the darkness surrounding the Packs is unveiled, it will take a wolf and a lioness to unbury the past and fight for their future—or risk losing everything before it begins.

4 Stars

An exciting, emotional and mysterious introduction to the Aspen Pack. 

Audrey is the Beta of the Aspen Pack. Not a wolf but a lioness who has been with a pack for a great deal of time. She is strength, combined with beauty and a natural born leader. Her whole purpose is for the betterment of the pack. When a new member joins their pack a bit of Aubrey‘s past is staring her back in the eye. It can’t be possible or can it 

Gavin is the new Tracker for the Aspen Pack. A lone wolf from England he feels like he has always been a part of the Aspens.  Except he doesn’t understand upon meeting Beta why she doesn’t like him like the other Pack members seem too.  While trying to figure out what the issue may be a surprise attack comes from an unknown enemy. Not only does this put the Pack in danger Gavin soon realizes the years of memories that he’s missing are all of a sudden back in his head.

What an amazing introduction to the Aspen pack. Etched in Honor Is a fantastic beginning and introduction to what is going to be an exciting new series. Aubrey and Gavin I have a story that will break your heart and make you fall in love all over again.  I love how the two of them work together to find themselves, a friendship, to be pack mates and even more to find love.  The story is emotional. There’s danger learning on the page and there is love to be found. My favorite kind of read. 

Carrie Ann Ryan knows how to get her readers emotionally invested in her characters. 

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