Review: The Burning Pages by Pagie Shelton

pagesThe Burning Pages 

Pagie Shelton 

Scottish Bookshop Mystery Series, Book 7

Hardcover, 304 pages
Expected publication: April 5th 2022 by Minotaur Books
Delaney Nichols faces off against an elusive arsonist in the seventh Scottish Bookshop Mystery, The Burning Pages, from beloved author Paige Shelton….

One winter’s night, bookseller Delaney Nichols and her coworker Hamlet are invited to a Burns Night dinner, a traditional Scottish celebration of the poet Robert Burns. She’s perplexed by the invitation, but intrigued. The dinner takes place at Burns House itself, a tiny cottage not far from the Cracked Spine bookshop but well hidden. There, it becomes clear that Delaney and Hamlet were summoned in an attempt to make amends between Edwin, Delaney’s boss, and one of the other invitees, who suspected Edwin for burning down his own bookshop twenty years ago after a professional disagreement.

But after the dinner, there’s another fire. The Burns House itself is burned to the ground, and this time there’s a body among the ruins. When Hamlet is accused of the crime, Delaney rushes to prove his innocence, only to discover that he might actually have a plausible motive…

3.5 Stars

The latest installment of the Scottish Bookshop Mystery Series finds Delaney Nichols being invited to a traditional Scottish celebration of poet Robert Burns, A Burns Night Dinner. Confused and intrigued by the invitation, Delaney invites coworker Hamlet to go along with her. Sarot the mystery of the invitation is revealed and that’s really where the entire mystery of The Burning Pages begins. 

I thoroughly enjoy this visit to the Cracked Spine. We get several Mysteries packed into this well written story. Delaney finds herself in the middle of a 20 year long story, a mysterious birth certificate and an arsonist set on burning down bookstores. When Hamlet becomes a prime suspect for burning down the Burns house, Delany is determined to prove his innocence. 

This one was a twisty mystery and I give a round of applause to author Paige Shelton.  This is a multi-layered mystery set in beautiful Edinburgh Scotland. The Burning Pages is a very engaging and twisty mystery. Delaney is an amazing character. With a supportive husband and a group of coworkers and friends that egg her on, there’s no way for her not to be involved in the mystery. But when the mystery involves a friend and then another mystery turns up about that friend, Delaney does all that she can to get to the bottom of it and prove what a good friend she truly is.

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