Review: The Poisoned Forest by Yasmine Galenorn

The Poisoned Forest

Yasmine Galenorn

Hedge Dragon Series, Book 1

Kindle Edition
Published February 22nd 2022 by Nightqueen Enterprises LLC


To the rakshasa who enslaved my sister: you just made the worst mistake you’ll ever make in your life.

Yes, I’m a hedge dragon. An abomination, or so they call my kind. I’m a loner, but I’m also loyal to my sister. Turns out, the rest of the family couldn’t care less. I’m the only one willing to go after her when she vanishes.

She’s being held in Owlanvine, a city in the desert. To reach her, I must travel through the Poisoned Forest, one of the darkest, deadliest places in Wildemoone. But the Lord of the Hunt and his Lady take pity on me and offer me help.

Now, together with a small band of allies who I swear are more trouble than they’re worth, I’m out to save my sister before she’s lost forever, and before the forest does all of us in.

This is a spinoff of the Wild Hunt Series. You do not need to read the Wild Hunt Series to read the Hedge Dragon Series.




4 Stars

Ms. Galenorn creates an all new world of magic, mystery and danger with her new spin off series Hedge Dragon with The Poisoned Forest.

Storm is a Hedge Dragon. Seen as an outcast to many, yet she is a unique and beautiful creature. And person for that matter. Storm is on a mission to save her sister who has been sold. Leaving her home and another sister, Storm journeys into new lands and places to seek her kin. Along the path she is fortunate to have stumbled upon good hearted people who are willing to go above and beyond to help her in her cause. Storm is a warrior and a protector. She has lived a rough life but quickly learns that things are far beyond things she would have realized. She has a heart and that makes her stand out.

The Poisoned Forest is a fantastic beginning to this new series. I am very excited to see where Storm’s path is going to lead. As with being the first book in the series there is a lot of world building an introduction. One of the things I believe Ms. Galenorn is at the top of her game in world building. I love the way she brings you into her worlds with a uniqueness that is all her own. The Poisoned Forest starts the series off already having this reader wanting more. Storm has strength and determination yet a bit naïve to the world that she does not know. She learns hard lessons quickly, trying to do all she can.

I read this book in one sitting and then read it again slowly. I am so excited for what is to come with the Hedge Dragon series.







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