Audio Review: Take A Chance With Me by Kristen Proby


Take A Chance With Me

Kristen Proby

The O’Callaghans Series, Book 5

Kindle Edition, 1st edition, 276 pages
Published January 25th 2022 by Ampersand Publishing, Inc.
A friends to lovers, soulmates story from Wall Street Journal and USA Today Bestselling author Kristen Proby, set in her beloved With Me In Seattle Series!

Cameron Cox has mastered the art of keeping secrets. His talent for computer hacking means he’s been recruited for highly classified jobs since leaving the military. He travels the world, risking his life. But his biggest secret isn’t from a government job or a foreign spy.

It’s Maggie O’Callaghan.

He’s loved her from afar, always standing by as the friend. He’s been her rock through the hardest days of her life. But after his dangerous past comes crashing into his life and threatens the only woman he’s ever loved, he has a choice to make.
Give up the secrets and win her heart.

Or watch Maggie walk away with his.

4 Stars

Friend to lovers and a brother’s best friend, Two amazing tropes weaved into one story that is heartwarming and sexy. John Hartley and Kirsten Leigh perform this emotional and beautiful tale by Kristen Proby in a way that makes sure it hits the heart. Take a Chance With Me gives us the one we have been waiting for. Well I have been!  Good things are worth waiting for. 

Maggie took a chance years ago and put herself out there. Wanting Cameron is nothing new for her but she knows when the job calls he goes. After a bad marriage Maggie knows exactly what she doesn’t want or need. Her want for Cameron has never changed but her self happiness it’s something that does come first in her life.

Cameron lives a life of secrets. Because of his job everything is hush-hush. Cameron knows more than he is allowed to tell, information he knows that could help someone he cares about. Cameron has begun to put the at the drop of a call, I am gone for the job aside to start living the life he wants, with whom he wants. Caneron knows that there are obstacles ahead. But for her he will take on every one of them.

Take a Chance With Me  is a wonderful romance filled with some mystery and deep roots in the family. It’s hard not to love the O’Callaghans.  Cameron and Maggie are definitely two people that belong together. It just took them a very long time to find their way. They’re so sweet together. Their story is a long one with many hurtles and a bit of mystery but in the end, they get their happily ever after


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