Review: Beating the Wrap by Julie Ann Lindsey

Beating the Wrap 

Julie Ann Lindsey

Bonnie & Clyde Mystery Series, Book 3 

ebook, 250 pages
Expected publication: November 15th 2021 by Cozy Queen Publishing


Bonnie Balfour adores the changing seasons, fabulous fall activities and holiday hoopla, but will a corpse on the porch squash her holiday plans?

Thanksgiving is right around the corner in historic Bliss, Georgia, and Bonnie is trimming display tables at Bless Her Heart, especially for the occasion. A Gift of Gratitude display, beside the front door of her second chance dress shop, encourages shoppers to leave messages of good tidings for neighbors and friends. Unfortunately, someone has left a cornucopia of complaints instead.

And they’re all about Bonnie!

When the scrooge turns out to be a neighbor, fed up with Clyde’s habitual petty theft and trespassing, Bonnie’s claws come out in defense of her kitty. The heated exchange leaves a bad taste in Bonnie’s mouth, but the man turns up dead before she can dish out a proper apology.

Determined to see justice served, Bonnie and Clyde dig into the case with gusto, only to land in hot water with the handsome Sheriff Wright. A series of anonymous attacks soon have the town wondering if Bonnie can find the killer before it’s time to cut the turkey. Or if she’ll be the next one on his carving board.





3.5 Stars


What a wonderful and cute story! 


It’s fall in Bliss, GA and Bonnie is all ready to deck out her storefront window in an autumn gratitude theme. What should’ve been a fun and festive activity at her second-hand dress shop has someone filling her dish with complaints instead of compliments.  Bonnie soon finds out that the one complaining it’s none other than another store owner who is fed up with Clyde basically being Clyde. It’s petty served by a cat truly saved? Bonnie and the complaining man share a very heated discussion. With no less than half the town watching of course. Later when said man is found dead Bonnie becomes a top suspect on the list. Now it’s up to her and her furry companion to figure out what really happened. 


Bless her heart, Bonnie is a hoot and a half. She is full of personality and determination. She is an extremely well written character who did a lot of growing in just one book. I love the antics and how she even has her grandma alongside. It’s almost like she’s a natural sleuth. I love how she defended her cat Clyde. Yes he is guilty of the charges yet he is a cat and everyone knows you don’t own a cat a cat and you and they do exactly what they want. The mystery was well plotted with some very good twist interns along the way. The story is definitely character based and I have to say I love how they all play their part. Bliss Georgia is a quaint cozy little town with some very funny characters.


Beating the Wrap was a funny, twisting and entertaining cozy mystery. 








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