Review: Faking It With My Billionaire Boss by Melissa Schroeder


Faking It With My Billionaire Boss

Melissa Schroeder

Faking It Series, 

106 pages
Published June 17th 2021 by Harmless Publishing



Part of the Melissa Schroeder Instalove Collection: Same World. Any Order. Individual Love.

I’ve been infatuated with Silas Prescott for the longest time.

Sure, he doesn’t know I’m alive as he walks past me without looking up from his phone. But, it’s not like I ever thought he would notice me, or anyone else for that matter. All he cares about is work.

That is, until he needs a date and his sister insists I should play his fake girlfriend. And not just for a date, but a whole weekend, staying in the same room, lying to all of their friends and family. But I’m desperately in need of money and I can handle a weekend pretending to be a billionaire’s plaything.

Only…it’s hard to remember it’s only fake when he acts like a possessive jerk, or when he tells me I’m beautiful, or when I’m in his arms.

But I have to remember it’s not real because falling for my fake boyfriend would be a mistake. There is only one thing Silas Prescott cares about and that’s work.

Author Note: This relationship might start out fake, but it doesn’t stay that way for long. Along the way there’s a dressing room incident, dancing, and a Momzilla who wants nothing more than to have her kids happily married. Don’t worry, our hero and heroine get their happily ever after.





4 Stars

Melissa Schroeder never fails to give the readers a story that they can enjoy. Faking It With My Billionaire Boss is a fun and quick read that really is nothing fake about. 


Georgie is a good Woman with the weight of the world on her shoulders. Drowning in medical bills from her mother and just trying to keep afloat with not one but two jobs. When an opportunity knocks that allows her to clear out the medical debt and have a little fun, the temptation pushes her onward. 


Silas has dedicated himself to work. Twenty eight years old and a workaholic with a meddling mother that wants nothing more for him to be happy and to get some grandbabies. When his loving sister hatches a great plan of a fake relationship Silas agrees to the plan but when the woman chosen is revealed, fake just went out the window. 


Faking It With My Billionaire Boss is fun, sweet and sexy. I loved the unexpected side of Silas. Georgie is just too sweet for words. Together they are perfect. Their personalities complement each other well and I love how they interact with one another. And not to mention their chemistry in true Melissa Schroeder fashion is off the charts. This is one of those quick reads that will definitely have you with a smile on your face at the end.



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