Review: Royal Line by Carrie Ann Ryan and Nana Malone

Royal Line 

Carrie Ann Ryan 

Nana Malone 

Tattered Royals Series, Book 1 

Published: May 11, 2021


A princess on the run finds her version of a prince in this epic beginning to the Tattered Royals stand-alone series.

I never asked for my tiara.
My dreams were always bigger than a palace. They’re as big as the world.
Being fourth in line for the throne should have guaranteed me freedom.
I thought I was one step from walking away forever, but a long-forgotten rule forces me to run instead.
I refuse to marry a Duke and bear an heir to save our titles.
I trust my brothers to find a way to save my future, but first I need to save myself.
Only I never expected to meet danger…and Kannon Adams along the way.

I never asked for her.
My security business has secured all the clueless princess types I can handle.
Princess London Waterford of Alden is a whole other level of trouble.
Not to mention gorgeous and tempting as royal sin. Too bad she’s also in danger.
When the bullets fly, I trust no one else to protect her, even if she pushes me away.
Together, we must find who’s behind the threat to her life and try not to get caught in the crossfire.
One night together might never be enough, but if those who want her dead have a say, it’ll be our last.




4 Stars

London Waterford was born into a world of duty. A princess and forth in line to the throne but there is so much more to this woman than duty and honor would dictate that she be. London has a mind of her own, is sassy and can fire back with the best of them. She’s strong willed, independent and passionate. She’s definitely not your average princess.

Kannon Adams is broody and all alpha. Protective by nature and caring in ways you would not expect. Knowing hard loss, Kannon takes his job very seriously, even if it puts him in some babysitting situations at times. Finding a woman in distress, it’s only natural for him to help. Yet in a single moment he knew it was going to be so much more than help for the both of them. 

Royal Line was an unexpectedly enjoyable read. I am not a huge fan of royal romances. But I’m always willing to give an author I enjoy a try on something new. From the moment London and her brothers started going back and forth I knew I wasn’t getting your average royal romance. When London and Kannon met that was the game changer. They were amazing from the get go. Her sass and his need to protect – amazing, hot chemistry!  Crazy royal laws, the need for more, the want to protect, the family dirt !!!!!! I loved it all.  Carrie Ann Ryan and Nana Malone start this series off with a bang. Royal Line had me hooked from beginning to end and I can’t wait to see what come next in the Tattered Royals Series. 

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