Review: Wicked and True by Shayla Black

Wicked and True: Zyron and Tessa, Book 2

Shayla Black

Wicked and Devoted Series, Book 4

Kindle EditionPublished March 23rd 2021

He’d protect her from the world. But who will protect her from him?

For agonizing months, Chase “Zyron” Garrett has been forbidden from touching Tessa, the pretty office assistant who makes him burn. But when danger strikes EM Security Management and top-secret information is leaked, it’s obvious the team has a mole…and the evidence points to the woman he’s fallen for. The bosses demand he investigate her, so he resolves to stop at nothing, even stripping her bare—body and soul—for the truth.

Tessa Lawrence has known heartbreak in the past, but Zy has always been her staunchest protector. Since he was contractually off-limits, the Southern, sassy single mom clung to her friendship with the daring demolitions expert who’d stolen her heart and focused on making the best life for her daughter. But when the barriers between her and Zy are suddenly gone, she welcomes him into her bed, not realizing she’s giving him the power to destroy her. Or that the enemy is watching.

4 Stars

Just when you think that things can’t get more crazy or complicated it does just that. Wicked and True is intense in suspense, danger and passion. Tessa and Zy story is a roller coaster ride for sure.

The danger hits home at EM Security and the cards are down. The rules change to fit the game that must be played. Zy was handed the gift of this greatest desire yet the other edge of the sword is he must prove her innocence and a game bigger than them. Tessa thinks she knows the dangers of the people whom she works for, but her thoughts will never match the reality that is now knocking at her door. Tessa and Zy embrace the chemistry they have been fighting for so long while the world around them takes a turn that they never saw come.

Shayla Black hits hard with Wicked and True. I knew that when Wicked as Lies ended we were in for something big with the continuation of Tessa and Zy story. EM Security is hit hard at its core. Hit so hard that the only answer is betrayal. Zy and Tessa both find themselves in compromising positions to protect. They both put themselves on the line, hurt one another and found something very beautiful in a heap of darkness. Ms. Black brings the action and the passion. Zy and Tessa have built themselves up so much, they’re explosive together. Non stop passion along with unexpected plot twists and a high dose of danger will keep your attention from beginning to end.

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