Review: Death by French Roast by Alex Erickson

Death by French Roast

Alex Erickson

Bookstore Café Mystery Series, Book 8

Paperback, 320 pages
Expected publication: October 27th 2020 by Kensington Publishing Corporation

Krissy Hancock runs a bookstore-caf� in Pine Hills, Ohio, but she’ll be setting up shop as a sleuth when she discovers a long-unsolved murder . . .

Krissy’s helping a friend clean out her late mother’s house when she learns that although the deceased died peacefully at an advanced age, her brother did not. In fact, Wade was killed more than thirty years ago, and the case was never closed. What surprises Krissy even more is that she has a personal connection to the story–her friend Rita was seeing Wade at the time, scandalizing the town with the couple’s large age difference.

With an older Rita now part of Krissy’s writing group–and another member with police experience–she starts digging up gossip, talking to the victim’s local coffee klatsch, and trying to find real clues amid the old rumors. But things just seem to grow muddier as she fights to identify whodunit . . .




4 Stars


Death By French Roast is my first visit with the Bookstore Cafe gang and will not be my last. 


When Krisy’s neighbor passes on she realizes there was much more to the crabbiness of her noisy neighbor than what she realized. Krissy learns of a thirty year old murder that’s never been solved. Maybe even pushed a bit under the rug. Krissy decides with determination to start digging into this mystery for her neighbor, Eleanor, who’s brother was the victim. Digging into this small town cold case has the natives in a twist and a bit on edge. As the clues start to piece themselves together, Krissy is getting close to the big reveal when the suspect strikes yet again. 


I very much enjoyed Death by French Roast. A cozy cold case mix with a touch of romance. That a winner right there. I liked how Krissy showed such concern and wanted a sense of justice for a neighbor who she thought was nosy. I loved Krissy. She’s an amazing character. Likable and smart yet tenacious and determined. It was almost like she had an extra sense when it came to put in close together. Even the people that didn’t particularly care for her or what she was doing she was able to get them to talk to her. She’s a character that looked outside the box and she loves coffee. What was not to like about her. LOL. In all seriousness coming into the eighth book in a series a lot of times a reader will feel that they are missing something. However that is not the case with Death by French Roast. I got to know this entire cast of characters well within one book, it didn’t feel like there were chapters upon chapters of backstory just so you can get to know them. The story flowed well, the mystery kept you guessing and the characters truly made the story. Alex Erickson made a new fan with Death by French Roast. 





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