Review: 4-Ever Mine by Jayne Rylon


4-Ever Mine

Jayne Rylon

Four to Score, Book 2

Happy Endings Publishing

Kindle Edition, 128 pages
Published March 27th 2018


A year after Andi claimed her three smoking hot roommates for her own, she’s finally emerging from a blissful haze of lust long enough to look around and realize things aren’t quite as amazing as they could be.

While she and her boyfriends have an incredible sex life, they haven’t fully embraced their relationship in public. When someone puts one and three together—outing them from the polyamorous closet—they have to decide where to go next.

Will they be able to stay together or will reality tear them apart?




4 Stars

Fast paced, oh so steamy and fun!


I alway love going back to visit characters to see what happened after the ever after. This quartet of characters is still discovering their relationship and how it all works. Doubt and concerns come to the surface as the world gives them the biggest bitch slap to the face. That slap pushes them to put up or shut up so to speak.


Andi, Reed, Simon and Cooper are each equine in personality and sexuality. Each bringing their own piece of the puzzle that make them fit in their perfect way.  Creating a relationship that fulfills each of them in every way. The passion is intense and off the charts. Blazing is an understatement, but if you read 4-Ever Theirs, you would expect nothing less.


A copy of this title was provided for an honest review.


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