ARC Review: Shield My Heart by Laramie Briscoe

hhShield My Heart

Laramie Briscoe

Heaven Hill MC Series, Book 9

Kindle Edition, 203 pages
Published July 1st 2016 by Laramie Briscoe Books

The Heaven Hill MC has always been a safe place for Mandy Walker. Since being adopted by their President, she and her twin brother have been able to count on them for anything. The ragtag group of men and the women who love them became the family the twins never had.

Having grown up under their protection, she’s finding it hard not to run to them with the problems she has now. One reckless night with her love of more than ten years resulted in one positive pregnancy test.

The problem?

Mandy is faced with a dilemma she never thought she’d fall victim to. Being a single mother, just like her mom was until Liam Walker came into their lives.

Best Friend
Member of the Heaven Hill MC
Terrified of not breaking the cycle of his childhood

Dalton Barnett knew the moment he kissed Mandy’s lips as a teenager that she was the only one for him. Taking her for granted has been easy because she’s always been there. She’s the only person who’s ever given love to him unconditionally.

When a calculated attack devastates Heaven Hill, Dalton, Mandy, and their unborn child are at the epicenter. Dalton must make decisions to keep his small family safe. Before anything worse can happen, he knows he must shield their hearts.

 4 Stars

I was gifted the first two books of The Heaven Hill MC series, by a dear friend after a weekend of late night book talk. With that being said it’s with bittersweetness that I write this review. Although I was not there from the beginning, it was pretty close. I have come to love this series and yes I’m a bit sad to see it end.
Mandy is a stronger woman than I gave her credit for. Falling in love back in high school and knowing then he was the one. Fast forward a decade or so, lots of ups and down, an unexpected pregnancy, and an MIA boyfriend has rocked Mandy’s world to the core. She dug deep and found an inner strength while falling apart. Mandy proved that she grew into a very fine woman who knows a good man when she finds him. Even if he needs a lot of work.
Dalton, until this book was not one my favorite people. His brass and ass like ways towards Mandy make him when to smack him upside the head.  The man has kept a lot of himself lock away that you really don’t understand until he’s ready to let you in. Dalton is one of those people that you can’t judge a book by its cover. Although many of us will not agree with his actions, will assume where his mind is at and not understand his intentions, his heart is truly in the right place. Once the stubborn headed man opens up.

Laramie Briscoe has this wonderful way of writing real life moments into her stories. I felt like I was reliving many moments of my own pregnancy while reading Dalton and Mandy story.  Love is not easy, it’s hard work and well worth it in the end. Mandy and Dalton loved, hurt, fell apart and in love all over again.   Communication is always the key, these two had to learn the hard way before they can find their everlasting happiness.
The Heaven Hill MC series has become a series that I feel at home with. I was there from almost the beginning and followed it through to the end. Laramie Briscoe not only gave her readers wonderful books to get lost in, she also gave them a family to come home to. I also want to note the amazing growth in writing that Ms. Briscoe has shown throughout the series. Emotional depth, strong personalities, hard issues, passion, family and love, is delivered flawlessly making the reader feel right along with the characters they are reading. I am sad to see the ending, but give Ms. Briscoe my highest praise!


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