Audio Review: Harder Than Words by Carrie Ann Ryan

wordsHarder Than Words

Carrie Ann Ryan

Montgomery Ink Series, Book


Narrator: Gregory  Salinas


Meghan Montgomery-Warren thought she knew what love was when she’d married young and had two children. After years of being emotionally beaten down, her husband has finally left her and now she’s forced to find her way once again. Somehow she needs to find the person she used to be and figure that the strength she’d thought she’d lost was always there.

Luc Dodd left Denver and his best friend Meghan when he was forced to watch her walk down the aisle with another man. He might have only been her best friend, but he held his true emotions close to the vest. Now he’s back in town and in Meghan’s life. Only he needs to decide if that’s enough for him…and her.

Their journey from friends to lovers is a slow burn of seduction and pain. When Meghan’s past comes back to haunt them both, the two of them will have to stand closer together or be torn apart by their own misgivings forever.


4 Stars

Friends make the best lovers.


Meghan and Luc shared a friendship that had the potential for so much more. Only Luc didn’t let on to his feeling and Meghan got swept off her feet my another man.


Ten Years later, Meghan is trying to keep life going for herself and her kids. Spending the last decade living under the thumb of a husband that didn’t live up to the words that bound the two in marriage. Meghan is a brave woman dealing with the weight of the world on her shoulders. Independent and strong, Meghan deals with a new set of insecurities as she heals from a botched marriage and finds a love in a place she never saw coming. Allowing her to be the woman she never knew was finding inside.


Luc has spent the last ten years traveling the world, finally returning home.  A loyal and dedicated friend, wonderful son and brother, with a huge heart that still aches for the girl that got away.  The amount of patience, the willingness to help and an unwavering devotion makes Luc a one of a kind man. He never wavered from showing the woman who holds his heart what love really is.


Meghan and Luc’s story is one of patience, longing, and intense passion. Friends to lovers is one of my favorites. Once friends rediscover their friendship, while learning to act upon the feelings of new and old.  Carrie Ann Ryan once again makes your pulse race while hitting your heart hard. Gregory Salinas pulls the reader deep into the emotions and passion with his sinfully delicious voice. Allowing the reader to lose themselves in Harder Than Words.



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