ARC Review: Home Free by Laramie Briscoe

home free

Home Free

Laramie Briscoe

Heaven Hill MC Series, Book 8



The love of Drew Walker’s life left to pursue her dreams. He told her to go, forced her to go, knowing that a stripper’s daughter would never be able to escape her mother’s past.

In the wake of the leaving, she left him with a broken heart. A heart that he’s held very close to himself for the last ten years.


Charity Thomas has worked hard to get out from under the stigma of being Jasmine from Wet Wanda’s, daughter. Ten years away gave her the distance to grow a backbone, it also gave her enough time to miss the hell out of Drew.

When Meredith Blackfoot gets her back to Bowling Green to deal with a situation at CRISIS, none of them realize the danger they are in.
Home invasions, a woman and daughter running from an evil man, and an attempt on Charity’s life puts Heaven Hill on alert like never before.

When the smoke clears, the bad guys are caught, and she is in the protection of Drew’s arms they can all breathe a sigh of relief.

In their hour of need, Charity is finally home.





5 Stars


Laramie Briscoe knows how to hit your heart hard.


Drew Walker watched his true love walk out of his life.  After ten years, a long string of nameless women and few falls into a very dark places, Drew has become a damn good man. Strong, hard working, and a good looking man. I do believe Drew is a fine southern gentleman under his badass biker exterior. Drew is the best of Liam and Tyler together. That’s saying something.


Charity Thomas wanted nothing more than to not be like her stripper mother. Walking away from home leaving a huge chunk of her heart behind was the hard decisions she’s had to make. Ten years and a dream under her belt, Charity is summoned home, a better woman than before she left.  Charity is just as brave as all the Heaven Hill women. Smart with a huge heart, she found a confidence during her time away that helped her become a fine woman.


With each book Ms. Briscoe completes, the level of emotional depth and passion continuously increases. The words become emotions the reader easily feel, making the story more life like in the process. Drew and Charity’s story has once again exceeded any level of expectation that I have for Ms. Briscoe’s books.


From beginning to end the reader is able to feel the heartache, sadness, loss, love, excitement, and freedom right along with Drew and Charity.  It’s a bumpy ride with a bit of suspense that leaves your heart pounding in more ways than one.




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