ARC Review: A Change for the Good by Melanie Jayne

changeA Change For The Good

Melanie Jayne

Pub Date Jul 7, 2015


Two people starting over, making much needed changes in their lives.

Zoe Crawford has moved to a new city after being dumped and humiliated by her ex-husband. She is going to put her wants and needs first and get her life in order.

Tony Alessi has returned to his hometown to rehab his body and soul, leaving his ATF career behind.

When Tony meets Zoe, he likes what he sees. She appreciates the attention from the younger man but doesn’t want to participate in a cougar challenge. As Zoe learns to trust Tony, she admits to some odd happenings in her life. The feelings of being followed, call hang ups and an apartment break-in. When the attacks turn physical, she accepts Tony’s help.

Soon Zoe’s life is threatened, the couple hides in Tony’s cabin and grow closer as they discover who they were and who they hope to be.

Will Zoe’s past ruin her chance to change her life for the good?




3 Stars



Starting over has never been so sexy.


Zoe is a strong and brave woman. Surviving a marriage that was really nothing more than           points for the status quo. Picking up and starting over a new place and doing things to better her life. She has the inner strength to      accept who and what, change only for herself and to learn to love again when a younger man makes Zoe fell like a teen again.

Tony is a gentle man who’s caring and sweet with a wonderful dominant streak that makes a woman purr. A past that has left him with a few demons and an injury, that have somehow made him a better man because of it. A man who sets his sights on something and doesn’t give up.

Melanie Jayne gives the reader the excitement and apprehension that comes with starting over in A Change for the Good.  An overall good story. The plot will keep the reader engaged through the pages. Zoe and Tony work well together, although I feel some of their “get to know you scenes” were a bit rushed.  However the intense passion will keep the pages turning.


A review copy was provided by the publisher/publicist for an honest review.




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