Review: Fueled Obsession by Amanda Heartley

fueledFueled Obsession

Amanda Heartley

Book 1

Kindle Edition, 1, 160 pages
Published November 21st 2014 by Sexcessica
When Mollie DuBois loses her mom, her life flips from happy-go-lucky to predictably boring. She contends with an over-protective father for years after. Now, as a young woman, her determination to improve the lives of the local community takes her to the wrong side of the tracks…and Jackson Fitzgerald. Tattooed, handsome, and asshole extraordinaire.

Jackson Fitzgerald loves sex…drugs…and the smell of high-octane fuel in his nostrils. Living on the edge, he’s a reckless bad boy who’s used to getting what he wants, when he wants it, be it scoring his next hit or the next girl. He couldn’t care less…and he makes no apologies…

…until he meets Mollie…

They couldn’t have come from two more different worlds…worlds that collide in the most unlikely place. Spectacular coincidence or destiny? Either way, this gearhead won’t be tamed that easily…

18+ for adult situations.


3.5 Stars

Jack Fitzgerald lives in the fast lane!  Bad ass cars, street racing, crazy women and flying high on adrenaline and drugs. Jack has another side I did not see coming.  Self proclaimed not nice guy, has a bigger heart then he lets on. Doing good in a way that makes a bigger impact than he could realize.


Mollie DuBois has the heart of a saint. A good girl from the right side of the tracks, who see thing differently than most people. Having suffered loss, Mollie wants nothing more than to make some good in the world.  Mollie defies what is expected of her, to help those in more need than her family and friends want to see. Danger and adventure are just what the doctor didn’t order for Mollie, but are just what she needs.
High octane chemistry!  Amanda Heartley catches the readers attention with fast cars, bad boys and that sweet girl. From the descriptions of the cars, kickin’ street racing and fun banter of the characters makes Fueled Obsession, Book 1 an entertaining read.  I am not a huge fan of serial stories or cliffhangers, which this book is. Ms. Heartley wonderful made this read very enjoyable for me.



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