Reading Goals 2015

Happy 2015!  A warm and happy welcome to the new year!  My 2014 rocked! Yes there were some up and down, but really that is how life go.  My family is happy and health, I made some good friends and have lasting memories. I could not have asked for anything better. So I hope that my 2015 is gonna rock just as hard.


Last year I sent this list of goals, for a while I was really adamant about sticking with them. However I let most of my reading goals fall by the wayside. So this year I look at setting more than just a number of books to read And books to review. I want to have a little more fun with the blog this year and hopefully use some of the connections that I have made to make this happen. With that here on my list of goals this year. Although some of the maybe simple this is what I’m striving for this.


Personal goals:

To read 145 books in 2015

To review at least 75 books

Read 15 new to me authors

Step out of my comfort zone of read more

To attend 5 conferences this year(along with the BOC-BBQ)

Have 6 book club meeting this year

Organization- I have paper notes everywhere, that I can never find when I need them. I am going digital this year!  Wish me luck.


Blog Goals:

To do more than review!

A monthly Author Spotlight- where I fan girl about an author and their work

Interviews- authors, narrators, bloggers and readers

Add a few more giveaways to the mix

Guest posts- ask my fellow readers and blogger to share their take on the reading world!

To become our own .com this year!

To get 100 followers via the site, 500 on facebook and Twitter!

Start a monthly newsletter

I wish you luck as I set my sights on a fantastic New Year!  Happy reading!!



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