All Night Long (Black Halo book 1) by: Madelynne Ellis

all_night_long_final-196x300Three hot guitarists…
Two people looking for love, but too afraid to admit it…
One exhilarating night…

One night of rampant passion with a rock star, that’s all it’s supposed to be. Ginny Walters isn’t looking for love, only some sexy fun with an amazingly hot guy; that is, until she hooks up with Black Halo’s lead guitarist, Ash Gore, on the night his band splits up.

Ginny discovers a side to the womanizing, bad boy that she never imagined. Beneath his hard rock image, is a man so hung up on the possibility of being hurt by love that he’s unwilling to risk becoming emotionally involved. How can she convince him that the bond between them is worth exploring, given that she’s not sure dating a rock star is terribly bright idea?

Ash can’t seem to get Ginny out of his head either. She’s totally unlike the women who fan his ego but leave him unsatisfied. Ginny sees through the media hype to the scarred man beneath. Given that Ginny understands him like no one else, is thisa one night stand he won’t be able to leave behind?


3.5 out of 5

WARNING! This book was Erotic romance and it was HOT HOT HOT!

A European rock band full of hot guys that aren’t afraid to get down and dirty with any girl whose willing- and the girl of the night is Ginny Walters.  After a show that might just be their last (since the lead singer just left in the middle of the act) guitarist Ash walks into his dressing room to find a gorgeous girl.   Needing to make a quick and discrete get away Ginny offers up her small hotel room as an escape.  Even though her sights are set on Ash, Ginny’s up for some fun with the other guys; especially if she can find out what makes Ash tick.

I was really surprised how much I actually loved this book.  Typically I go for a bit more plot then sex but this book delivered on all kinds of fronts.  Over the course of a single evening and a lot of naughtiness you learn that even rock stars can get tired of the life and that love is never expected from what starts as a one night stand.    I was really surprised with the character Ash; it was amazing to see all sides of a person who only puts up one front.  I wanted to hug him and hit him in the same breath.  I will definitely be watching for Ms. Ellis’s next book in this series and keeping a close eye on this author!

I was given a copy of this book from after requesting it for an honest review.  All of these words are my own and I was unpaid for my opinions.  To get to Ms. Ellis’s website click on the picture above.  The picture and book description were found on Madelynne Ellis’s website.  Happy reading!


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