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As an avid reader who always has herself knee deep in books the only thing more exciting than that release date you have been waiting for, is going to a reader conference.  I must say that I am still a bit new to these events but I always have lots of fun.  As most readers of romance know that our fellow readers can be few and far between.  Walking into a conference I know one thing is that I have at least one thing in common with everyone there.  We all share a love for reading.  Now tastes may differ but the passion is bright.  Not only can you meet that author you love and share a moment with them.  You get a chance to start friendship over reading!  Over the weekend I attended the Liberty States Fiction Writers- Create Something Magical Conference in Iselin, NJ.

My weekend started out with the lovely Kim Rocha and her Book Obsessed Chicks threw a Sylvia Day House Party! We talked all kinds books and got to know each other a bit.  I indulged in the beyond amazing Sangria that Kim made.  I will confess the Sangria was the best stuff on earth!  I meet some wonderful ladies and had a ton of laughs.

sangriahouse party


Photos from Kim Rocha

Saturday morning started out with registration and some mingle time before the first reader panel.  I attended Romance Family Feud with Laura Kaye, Damon Suede, Shephanie Julian and Elisabeth Staab.

DSCN5328 DSCN5332photo 1

The game was a hoot. The authors polled reader and played like the real feud!  Some of the poll answers were not what I thought they would be.   I believe the authors had as much fun as the readers!

Next up was lunch with keynote speaker and author Goddess Sherrilyn Kenyon!

DSCN5334lunch boc

Ms. Kenyon was in pain from two bulging disks in her back but she delivered a speech that both made me laugh and cry with a smile on her face.  This was special for me.  Ms. Kenyon is the author that got me reading romance with her Dark-Hunter series.  After lunch Sherry gave the readers a bit of time Q & A time.  No, she did not give any spoilers.  She had all us readers laughing as she always does.  I love this woman!

After talking with Sherry and readers was Naughty Party Games for  Wicked  Readers with Judi Fennell, Stephanie Julian, Eliza  Knight and Cat Johnson!  Pictionary for romance reader!  Sorry peeps, I was having so much fun  that I forgot to take pic!!  Just imaginehave to draw your favorite hero!  After Pictionary was Book Cover Bingo with Christi Barth, Laura  Kaye, Joya Fields and Eliza Knight.  What a fun game!  I have never been in a panel that was so quite!


The next event of the day was the big book signing!  This is the fun part!  This is where all the awesome books we have been hearing about all day we get to pick up and get some author time.

DSCN5343DSCN5344DSCN5347 DSCN5348


Oh my goodness!  What a day!  And it was still not over yet.  After the signing there was a pizza party for the reader and writers! We had to refuel before we rocked out 80’s style with The Book Obsessed Chicks!

80 partyDSCN5358


Sherry even came and hung out with us for a while.  Baskets were raffled off and I was a lucky winner!

IMG_0643I can’t even put into words fun much fun I had at this event.  I got to meet some wonderful people who were just amazing.  I thank them for sharing their passion for reading with me and willingness to talk with a stranger.  Many many hugs to the lovely Kim for letting into her wonderful group of women that are just as fun and crazy, just the way I like!

last picThe Book Obsessed Chicks departing photo.  Taken by Kim’s son Daniel.

kimThis woman helped make my weekend awesome!  Many hugs KIM!!!

Its a wonderful feeling leaving an event like this knowing you have made friends, have stories to share and are taking home at least a months worth of reading.  LOL!


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  1. Deana! I had an awesome time hanging out with you at Liberty States. I hope to see you again real soon. xoxoxo!

  2. Amy Friedentag

    Wonderful recap, Deana! It was awesome to meet you and all the Book Obsessed Chicks. I’m lucky to find such great friends who have the same shared passion of books!

  3. It was a joy to spend time with you. I love finding new ladies who are as passionate about books as I am. I am proud to have you as one of my Book Obsessed Chicks! (((HUGS)))

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