Hell Without You by: Ranae Rose

ImageTime changes everything, except what’s meant to be.

Seven years is a long time – long enough to transform Clementine from a small-town teenager with a broken heart into a woman ready to take on the world, but not long enough to make her forget about the man she was never supposed to see again. A temporary return to tiny Willow Heights thrusts her back into Donovan’s life and home, unearthing heartbreak and obsession that have stood the test of time.

He left seven years ago too, for war and other things Clementine can only imagine. Coming back to the town where he grew up in the shadow of poverty and drug addiction makes no sense, and neither do Clementine’s feelings for him. He could never forgive her for leaving, could he? Even if she had no choice.

Now, she has the freedom to choose … and so does he. Every day in Willow Heights makes it clearer: all he ever really wanted was her, and nothing will change that. Not even a taste of the hell that drove them apart in the first place.


Thrilling, sexy, and hot are the top three words I would use to describe Ranae Rose’s Hell Without You.  Donovan is a sexy veteran (who doesn’t love a military man?!) who knows what he wants.  And what he want’s in Clementine.  Clementine is a main character that I love to read: a female who is smart, driven, and independent.

Mrs.Rose’s plot is well established and my only complaint is that I want a prequel!  Donovan and Clementine were high school sweethearts before the book begins years later.  And while I’m a huge fan of the flashbacks that we see I would LOVE to know more!! Unlike other books that I’ve read Mrs. Rose makes it easy to tell point of view and flashbacks are happening so as a reader I was never confused.  Another note I’d like to make sure to empathize is that Mrs.Rose’s sex scenes are HOT.  I found myself both embarrassed and wanting more! (Have you ever tried to read a hot scene during a break at work and your terrified that someone is reading over your shoulder lol).

My only negative comments about this book are these:

At one point I thought the book could have ended and then a mystery appeared.  While I was intrigued I was set up for the main characters “happy ever after as we know it.”  I felt that this turn of events could have happened a little earlier in the story however, I did enjoy the guessing game of a who-done-it plot.  I also had a few small questions that really aren’t important to the story as a whole like “is Donovan still attending school by the end?”

I would absolutely recommend Mrs. Rose’s book to anyone who loves a good romance novel and is looking for a quick read.  At a little less than 240 pages Ranae Rose will have you hooked.  If interested Mrs. Rose has chapter one and a playlist that inspired her as she was reading on her website.  I give this book an overall of 4 out of 5 stars.

This review was made by Kirasyn.  Everything in this review is my own opinion only.  This book was lent to me by Mamma D from her own collection.  The description of the book and the picture come from the author Ranae Rose’s website. Thanks!

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